Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Timeline

When I first decided to start a blog, I thought it would be witty and descriptive, and filled with loving narration and Walt Whitman poetry.  You know, like The Notebook.

But then reality slapped me, and I realized I can't exactly write the next great American novel during my lunch breaks and times I need an excuse to skip my evening run.  So I figured it would just be the next best thing - a place to keep track of stuff I know I'll forget.

So here's an important timeline up to today, of things I need to remember:

  • Mid December - started having symptoms
    I had no idea they were pregnancy symptoms because I never in a million years thought I'd be pregnant AND I never even knew what pregnancy symptoms were.  But I have always been totally and completely in tune with my body so I knew something was amiss.  I was tired all the time, my boobs were heavy, I could smell everything in all of Las Vegas, and I had an aversion to alcohol. 
  • Christmas Eve - finally got a freaking clue
    Actually, I still didn't know.  But that morning, I was putting on my running shoes to get a quick 5-miler in, and Mama mentioned this dream she just had.  About fruit.  Which of course meant someone in the family was pregnant
  • December 29th morning - registered for a half marathon
    And paid $85 for said half marathon, to be taking place on April 15th in St. Louis.  I never repeat races, the only reason I am repeating this one is because it is to date, the hardest race I've ever run.  The heat and the hills were a total beatdown and it's my worst race time by a good 4 minutes.
    This bullet point depicts irony and foreshadow.
  • December 29th afternoon - took a pregnancy test
    And like most reproducing cows, I then took a picture of it.
    I took this picture while waiting for
    Ashton Kutcher to jump out of my shower.
  • New Year's Eve - got our marriage license
    This was the day that DP and I decided to keep the baby (actually I already decided but thought we should practice making decisions together) and that we'd get married. We went downtown and got our marriage license, and fully intended to elope at midnight. DP thought it would have been acceptable to get married in his jeans and Rebels t-shirt so I quickly scrapped that idea. Then we decided that we'd get married when our lives less resembled The Hangover and more resembled, I don't know, a couple who at least lived together.
  • January 1 - went to look at houses
    My dad had a renter in one of his investment properties whose lease was up and moved out.  The pros are that we could have an instant move-in, no down payment, and it was a house.  This is as opposed to our pre-baby idea of buying a condo and living large and wild and free.  And the cons were that it was not in my current neighbourhood (I really need to get over my fear of change, especially now), and we'd be renters
  • January 2 - got our wedding bands
    DP and I went to our nearest global conglomerate and looked at wedding bands, but thankfully DP was grossed out and didn't want us to be picturing this every time we looked down at our rings.  So we went to a respectable jeweler, got hypnotized by shiny, shiny diamonds, and spent and arm & a leg on fancy jewelry.
  • January 3 - discovered a baby bump
    Ok, it was actually just a combination of 4 slices of pizza and constipation, but it was something.  So I sent a picture of my belly to Kelsey and she sent me back a picture of her belly.  And then I cried.

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