Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's a Boy!

I had a sonogram yesterday, which only confirmed what everyone else already knew.  We are having a boy.  I am having a son.  Dale is having a junior.  (Actually our baby will be a III but it's all semantics.)

We had my parents meet us there and Dale and I went in first so we could find out together.  I hopped up on the table and Dale paced the room.  At first the ultrasound tech couldn't see anything because the baby had his legs straight.  What we did see, was a little dude moving his arms (probably fist pumping like his dad) and he seemed to be laughing.  Ok well you couldn't see all that but that's how I remember it.  Anyway, so the tech said that she was sure it was a girl and she was trying to get a good picture of proof.  Both of us were speechless and I was a little nervous to make eye-contact with my husband, who wanted a son so bad, that the disappointment would be overwhelming.  Thank goodness we never had to deal with that because after we kept her searching for about 20 minutes, she saw the boy part!  (Cue obnoxious jokes about his size/how he takes after his father.)

It's like Where's Waldo's Wiener up in there.

While I was still on the table, Dale retreived my parents from the waiting room.  They were a little aprehensive, I could tell, but they're not dinosaurs so I assume they expected there would be a greater level of technological advancement since 1980.  They were suprised by the big screen tv that my uterus was projected on, but who wouldn't be?!

Yeah, I don't know what that is either.

We saw the baby's head, arms, round tummy, legs, and feet.  The tech was really cool about showing all the moving parts.  We listened to his heartbeat and laughed at his hiccups.  He's really very cute.  It all just seems more real now that I know who's in there.

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