Monday, July 30, 2012

40 Weeks - My Due Date

Baby is the size of a jackfruit.

Weight: 154 lbs.  I lost a pound since last week, so it's a total gain of 29.

Belly: It's suffocating me.

Cravings: Chocolate.

Aversions:  None.

Exercise: None.

Doctor's Appointments: I had a cervical check on Thursday and I still wasn't dilated.  My next appointment is tomorrow and I'm planning to ask the doctor to just get this baby out of me, regardless of my cervix being ready.  I'm ready. 

Symptoms: My legs and feet hurt.

Best Moments: My aunt came to visit me to wait for the baby.  I'm also kind of enjoying my maternity leave without having a baby to take care of. 

What I Miss: Everything.  I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore and there are no good things happening right now.  My mom says I'm miserable but I thought I was doing a pretty good job of managing my misery.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Maternity Leave

I'm a few days into my pre-baby maternity leave from work, and I just remembered how much I hate video game music.  HATE.

I hate the XBox.

I hate how Dale collects shit on the coffee table.

I hate when Dale has to go to work or the gym.

I hate driving places.

I hate putting on actual clothes.

But I love not working.  Guess it's a Catch 22.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Every day last week, I came home to a different part of my house smelling like Lysol. 

After my last day at work on Friday, I came home to, not just a clean house, but a roast beef in the oven, a hot batch of creamy mashed potatoes, a salad prepared, and chocolate cake in the fridge.

Do you think men can nest?

I've always been pretty rigid about keeping the kitchen and living areas tidy, but as I've gotten into the late stages of my pregnancy, the things that used to bug me before just don't.  I've let a lot go, but fortunately for me that doesn't mean it doesn't get done.  Dale has been sanitizing and tidying up, as well as stocking the pantry and freezer, as well as making large meals for what seems like would feed an army.  I've read about nesting and have been waiting for my turn, but I wonder if it didn't hit me but my husband instead.

It sure makes it hard for me to bitch at him about other stuff.

Monday, July 23, 2012

39 Weeks

Baby is the size of a watermelon.

Weight: 155 - 30 lbs. total.

Belly: Big and hard.

Cravings: Cookies and chocolate.

Aversions: Protein.

Exercise: None.

Doctor's Appointments: Thursday for a cervical check.  I wasn't dilated at all at my first one so any progress would be awesome.

Symptoms: Swelling everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.

Best Moments: I started my maternity leave!

What I Miss: Meh, I've accepted my fate at this point.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My HOF Induction

So at my cervical check today, it turns out I'm not dilated at all.  That, plus the fact that I haven't had any contractions, plus the fact that I need more time, has led Dale and me to the conclusion that we aren't ready to be induced next week.  I go back in a week and if Claire hasn't busted out by then, I will schedule an induction for my due date of July 30.

I think I'm more relieved than anything.  I wanted a baby soon, and being able to have a plan as to when that would happen is right up my alley, but I'm so conflicted when it comes to wanting what's the best for the baby and ignoring what I want. I mean, I ate sushi throughout my whole pregnancy.  I always said that if Claire was born with 3 eyes then it probably wouldn't have been worth it.

The more often I say "cervical check" the less weird it sounds to be talking out loud about my womanly parts.  When people say pregnant women lose all dignity, they're right.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Slow Your Roll

At my check-up yesterday, my doctor approached me about induction.

Actually, let me back up.
I have a birth plan, and my birth plan has 3 items listed.
  • I want to go into labour naturally
  • I want to labour as long as possible before pushing
  • I want an epidural and/or any pain management I deem necessary

And so here's this dumb doctor trying to change things up on me.  I guess his reasoning is that the further along I get, the bigger the baby is getting, and the greater risk I have for needing a c-section.  Which I don't even need to put in a birth plan because I KNOW I don't want to go there. 

Anyway, I told the doc I would schedule an exam to determine how labour-ready my own body is.  I have been declining cervical checks because of the first bullet point, I just didn't want to know how far dilated/effaced I was.  But when I go in for my exam on Thursday, if my cervix is dilated 3cm+ and everything looks good and ready, I can go ahead and schedule my induction.

It's a lot of stuff to weigh and obviously, I'll know more on Thursday, but I went home and discussed it with Dale.  And being the caring husband he is, he immediately jumped on the "we're having a baby on Monday" bandwagon. 

So I'm sitting there on the floor thinking it's all happening so fast and I'm going to be in a lot of pain very shortly and where did the time go?  And he's texting his family that we're having a baby on the 23rd and that we need to buy her some baby Air Jordans and can we give her the middle name Jordan?  (By the way, the answer to that was NO.)

I get that he's excited, but hello...back to me!  Next week this time, I could very well be leaving the house for the last time by myself, and coming home with Claire.

To our home.  And our family will never be the same.

Monday, July 16, 2012

38 Weeks

Baby is the size of a pumpkin.  (That ain't right!)

Weight: 154 lbs. I've gained 29 total.

Belly: Bigger than any other body part.  On anyone.  Ever.

Cravings: Nothing.

Aversions: Nothing.

Exercise: While I haven't been working out, my husband has been.  You know how I know?  Because every single day I get FB messages about how sore he his, how much his body aches, and how he can't move.  Meanwhile I'm sitting at work with my feet up, too swollen for flip-flops, carrying around a 25 lb. pumpkin that seems to be suffocating both my chest/lungs and my pelvic region.  So while I sympathize with Dale and know what it's like to be sore from a tough workout, I really just don't want to freaking hear about it. 

Doctor's Appointments: It's kind of a hassle to be going every single week.

Symptoms: Severe back pain.  Like I just want DP to punch me in the lower back because that seems like it would feel better than what I have going on now.

Best Moments: I took a baby class and learned a ton about labour and delivery.  Definitely more than I needed to know, but although it was scary, I feel a little bit more prepared.

What I Miss: Being sore from working out.

38 weeks

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

37 Weeks

Baby is the size of a winter melon.

Weight: 152 lbs. (27 total.)

Belly: I don't think there's any more room in there.

Cravings: Last night I came home from work and laid down, and Dale was going to the gym.  Before leaving, he asked, "What's for dinner?"  Instead of stabbing him in the throat (which would have totally been justifiable homicide) I decided to throw some baked potatoes in the oven and open a bag of salad.  Voila!  The craving part of this is that I made bomb-diggity deviled eggs using my baby food steamer.  I can't get enough of those things.

Aversions: My husband's dumb questions.

Exercise: None.

Doctor's Appointments: I am weekly. The doctor says my belly is measuring right along and the baby's heart rate is nice and normal.

Symptoms: I don't have any indication that Claire is ready to come out.  She hasn't dropped and I've had no contractions.  Stay in there until you're ready little baby!

Best Moments: How excited DP is for our baby to get here.

What I Miss: I already miss being pregnant.

37 weeks

Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Mixed Race Baby

I often think about what Claire will look like.  I wonder if she'll have an athletic build like us, if she will be cursed with curly hair, how soon I'll have to invest in her laser hair removal if she takes after me, or if she'll have to have bangs her whole life from taking after her dad.  Will she have Chinese eyes and flat Fijian feet?  Will she tan or burn?

It's interesting though, the things I didn't think about.  Like what colour she'll be.

It's not that the colour thing never occurred to me, I guess, but maybe moreso that I just had no preference.  I know there's a good chance that my kid won't look like me, but in my family that's a non-issue.  Looking at the picture below, my two dude cousins in the middle are full brothers - something that inside the family we wouldn't bat an eye at but that would definitely confuse a stranger.

What seems like a diversified McDonald's commercial
to you, is just a regular old family photo to us.

Things are changing in America, and on the west coast it's totally common to see lily-white grandmothers out and about with their afro-headed, mixed-race grandkids.  My own blond-haired, blue-eyed mother-in-law only has (so far) brown grandchildren.  I wonder if it's as glaringly obvious to them now as it would have been before they had their own.  Something that's just always been in my family.

Then I read this article where the author approached a lady at Target and started asking questions about her (assumed) adopted baby, and it hit a nerve. I would be devastated, and downright pissed, if some asshole did that to me.  My daughter may not look like me, won't be the same colour as me, and my husband and I could possibly be questioned a little more thoroughly trying to take her out of the gym daycare, but to presume she's adopted and then say something about it?!  So I guess even though the colour thing is a non-issue for me, my husband, and our families, it's still going to be an issue to other people.  Hopefully they can just be more tactful than this dolt and hopefully things change a bit when my kid has a little mixed-race kid of her own.

It also grates on my nerves when people say that my daughter will be cute because she's mixed, but I'm kind of tired of being offended about everything so I just nod and let that one go.  Only 24 more days left!

Monday, July 2, 2012

36 Weeks - Full Term

Baby is the size of a honeydew.

Weight: 150!  I have gained 25 lbs. in my pregnancy.  (For the record, Claire weighs 5 pounds.  So the other 20 pounds is water, placenta, breast tissue, and doughnuts.)

Belly: Big and suffocating.

Cravings: Anything that will hydrate me.

Aversions: Food in general.

Exercise: I did some squats (random, I know) and walked a half mile on the treadmill while Dale was lifting at his gym.

Doctor's Appointments: I have one next week.  I was going to say that I hope there aren't any blood tests because it seems like every time I go there's one for some disease I'd never thought about, but at this point, the blood draws don't even phase me anymore. 

Symptoms: This damn vertigo comes and goes.

Best Moments: Claire is finally full term!  Obviously I want her to come out when she's ready, but anytime now would be great and very much appreciated.  It feels good knowing I got her through 9 fragile months unscathed and healthy up to this point, and that now I'm pretty much in the clear.

What I Miss: The gym.

36 weeks