Friday, August 3, 2012

Birth Story

I was 4cm dilated when I started having contractions naturally at 6pm on August 2.  Two hours later, the anesthesiologist came to give me my epidural, and as I leaned over the side of the bed, I started peeing.  I had heard about the epidural needle and was somewhat nervous, but even though I knew it would be better than the pain from contractions and childbirth, I was still freaked.  Apparently scared enough to pee the bed.  My mom was holding my hand, my dad ran out of the room, and Dale was pacing...and I said to the nurse, "I'm sorry but I just peed.  I can't stop.  It's still coming."  She laughed and told me that my water broke.

So it wasn't in a public place like Walmart, but it was still somewhat dramatic.  Dale told me I sprayed the nurse, so that's pretty cool.

At 5am on August 3, the nurse came into my room and told me we were going to practice pushing.  I was 9 & three quarter centimetres dilated and had laboured for almost 24 hours.  We kicked everyone out of the room and DP and the nurse had to hold up my legs because they were too heavy (water weight) for me to lift on my own.  I could see DP peeking "down there" and then he'd make a sour face so I told him to stop looking if he knew what was good for him.  About half an hour into the practice pushing, my doctor showed up and we started it for real.

I pushed for close to two hours, taking 5-10 minute breaks in between.  My nurse said that Claire's blood pressure was dipping after every push so we wanted to make sure we didn't stress the baby and cause any problems requiring a c-section.  So it was probably only about a dozen pushes total before that last one where I knew she was coming out.  By this point, my husband who previously was disgusted by my nether-regions had taken a position next to the doctor, all up in my junk, and was openly cheering me on like he had money this game.

I was overcome with emotion and cried loud, outrageous cries as my baby was born.  They put her on my chest I couldn't compose myself.  Claire Margaret Patricia Grinstead was born on August 3 at 7:41am and weighing 6 lbs. 13 oz.  She was 19 inches in length.  And she was perfect.

Claire Grinstead

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