Thursday, February 28, 2013

Claire Can Climb Walls

Claire is constantly pulling herself up on stuff.  She's been doing it since before she could crawl, but it didn't occur to me how cool it was until I realized that other 6 month old babies don't do that.  And I'm really proud of her upper body strength since I have none - she obviously inherited that from her dad.  Maybe she won't be a runner or soccer player and will play softball or volleyball instead. 

Since I had to share that my baby is so advanced when it comes to her athletic ability, I might as well tell you that she still eats during the night, hasn't cut a tooth yet, and doesn't say any words.  Before anyone accuses me of being one of those moms.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Unhappy Claire

Remember I scheduled Dale to take Claire for her 6-month shots?  I felt really bad for him.  Because I know how this feels.  And it hurts for everyone involved.

Last night my baby was up past her bedtime because I had to run an errand after work, and then the kids and my dad were over so I just spaced it.  And at 7 pm on the dot (her bedtime is 6) she started wailing.  I was in the middle of eating and she just looked at me and started crying.  Her face turned red and her eyes pleaded with me to comfort her.  I felt horrible!  I picked her up and she couldn't even hold her head up anymore, just rested it on me and laid there until she stopped sobbing.

There's no point to this post except that I can't stop thinking about her tired little body being so exhausted that she cried.  And I miss her.  And I'm probably going to leave work early today and spend some time cuddling her.  Because I can. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Play Baby

Claire is all over the place these days.  She's so much fun too, not as fragile, so we can really toss her around and play somewhat rough with her.  Of course she loves it.

It's funny, the way she crawls.  She throws one hand up shoulder-level and plops it down hard.  Then shuffles on to the next.  It's about as graceful as an elephant.

Friday, February 22, 2013

End of An Era

My parents are downsizing, so they rented out their 3,000 sq. ft. house and are moving into an apartment.  Drastic right?!  So they gave away a bunch of furniture and are packing up the rest from what was their home for the past 10 years.  I'm happy for them because they really don't need all that space, bathrooms to clean, and the pool to maintain.  Let someone else maintain their pool from now on. 

My old room

Thursday, February 21, 2013

To Do List

I was cleaning out my closet over the weekend when the kids were over, and Gigi peeks in and says to me, "Aunty, why do you have this in here?"  She was holding up a dry-erase marker.  I told her it was so that I could leave notes for uncle on the mirror so he's sees it when he gets up.  You know, like "please take out the trash" and stuff.

That night I was back in there with laundry and I see this on our bathroom mirror...

"Dear uncle,
Do not touch the trash.
I got it."

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Claire's Room

I had to drop Claire's crib mattress to accomodate her, and since she was actually going to be using her room, I had to make it a little more functional.  Before it kind of looked "on display" and we used the floorspace for storage. 

(I moved her crib out lengthwise like that for maximum exposure to the humidifier.  I might move it back once stuffy-nose season is over.)

Sorry for the poor quality pictures, it was night-time.  And since I'm in the mood, here's a little tour of Claire's bathroom.  The art on the wall was hand-painted just for her!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Claire Crawled Today

Dale just uploaded this video to Facebook so I could see her.  Isn't she fantastic?

Monday, February 18, 2013

First Week of Lent

Well Claire was sick for a week.  Then I got sick.  Then Dale got sick.  So all my best-laid plans went out the window.  I took care of my baby with her constant runny nose, and thankfully our illnesses were all staggered so it wasn't too bad.  Would you believe my grown husband had it the worst?  Yeah I know, shocking. 

My sick baby
I took Claire to the pediatrician and turns out she has the beginning of an ear infection.  The doc wants to wait and see how it develops so she will re-evaluate when Claire goes back for her 6-month shots in a couple of days.  I got smart and scheduled for Dale to take her

OMG we're not lepers!
Claire pretending she's not sick

So we slacked on dinner but what I could muster up was fairly healthy-ish.  I made a crockpot roast that we could pick on all weekend, with a lean cut of beef cooked in a coke for 8 hours.  Ok, so that might not have been all that healthy but the side of potatoes and broccoli sure was.  And for tonight I made Taco Bell style chicken soft tacos.  I think it really appealed to my fast-foodie husband and of course I could use fresh meat and veggies, which was so kindly all left over for me, with like 2 shreds of cheese.

The kids were over and my fridge is pretty bare bones, so they ended up with a dinner of French fries and sausage links, which they thought was SO AWESOME and actually ate a lot.  Since they were here and I felt better, and it was a balmy 73 degrees out, we went for a jog.  Well, I jogged with Claire and they rode scooters.  I loved being out with them because they constantly yelled at me, "Aunty, you're SO FAST." 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Things That Go Bump in the Night

So Dale and I are sitting downstairs on Friday night, just chatting quietly, when all of a sudden we hear a loud thud.  We look up at each other like "wtf" and it hits us both at the same time.  I'd never seen him move so fast in his life.  We dashed up the stairs and my poor baby Claire was laying on the ground next to my bed, face up.  No sound after the thud until we got there, then bloodcurdling cries. 

Then I cried.

She was fine. Scared, but fine.  As soon as DP picked her up she was smiling and trying to get out of his arms again.  Little Monster. 

The next day I rearranged her room and dropped her crib, and that's where she goes to sleep from now on.

Friday, February 15, 2013

11 Years Together

Our first date was on Valentine's Day.  We went to PF Chang's in the Aladdin (now Planet Hollywood) and waited over an hour for our table because we went to the bar and were out of beeper range.  Dale was looking like a Backstreet Boy with his gelled hair and in his baby blue silk shirt and I looked straight out of Spice World in my one-shoulder baby doll and wedge flip flops.  Ah, the new millennium.  I ordered the shrimp in lobster sauce and Dale ordered orange chicken.  I totally made fun of him for eating orange chicken for years to come, because at that time he'd had like zero experience with ethnic food.  And yes, I know now that PF Chang's doesn't count as ethnic food.

For years after, we always had our Valentine's Day date at PF Chang's.  It became tradition.  Until DP got a job serving at one, then we never went there again.

And who would have thought that 11 years later, I'd spend our Valentine's Day/dating anniversary picking up the kids from school, then making them spaghetti and meat sauce while they entertained Claire?  Or that I'd be buying cheesy stuffed animals and candy from Walmart instead of dressing up sexy and going out for dinner and drinks?  Funny, how life changes.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday

Today is a day of reflection and sacrifice.

For me, today is the first day of my rejuvenation process. 

The beginning of getting "me" back.

I've got 5 pounds of holiday weight going on, plus I haven't run in forever.  Thinking about signing up for a 10K at the end of March but I don't even know if I'll be ready for all that in just 5 weeks.  Guess I'll only know if I try!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine Cookies

Today I babysat Gigi and when I wasn't looking, she had pulled out all my cookie cutters and lined them up by holiday.  She looked so sad and hungry, so of course I agreed to help her make some Valentine treats.  Luckily for her, I had bought Dale a heart shaped cookie-making kit for his Valentine's present which I still had in my trunk (since that was the best hiding spot for it) and so we didn't have to decorate a ghost or an egg in pink and red.

Also lucky for the both of us, my dad had gotten an awesome triple crockpot set, and since I use my own crockpot like 4 days a week, I couldn't wait to have an excuse to use his.

Gigi had a blast because she's finally big enough to be able to do all the work. She even had a little helper.  Now if only I could just get them to help me with the cleanup!

And of course, the cookies were more frosting and candy sprinkles than anything else.  There were about 15 and the girls devoured every single one of them.  (Except the one I made them give to DP of course, since it was his kit to begin with anyway.)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Lent is Coming!

We are celebrating Valentine's Day this weekend because Ash Wednesday is hella early this year.  And hello, the holiday of love is not as much fun if I can't be tipsy.

Ok, but back to Lent.  This year I am giving up the same thing I give up every year - the sauce.  However, I'm also going to use it as an opportunity to get my body back into pre-mom shape.  I had lost all the baby weight I gained (thanks to breastfeeding) almost immediately, but my figure is still a huge difference from what I'm used to.  I'm flabby and weak, and I hate it.

At the beginning of the year, I had decided we were going to eat better.  So starting in the first week of 2013, I have been doing a weekly menu, weekly grocery shopping for cooking necessities only, and I make dinner every night.  My husband has been appreciative for the most part even though he hates not having snacks in the house.  (For some reason we still always have candy, not sure how that worked out.)  In any case, my cooking is getting better and we have more and fresher ingredients on hand since we don't worry so much about waste.  We love having leftovers for lunch or for a quick fried rice at the end of the week.

Here's an example of our weekly menu:
Monday - shake and bake chicken, baked potatoes or mac n cheese
Tuesday - beef dip, french fries, mixed veggies
Wednesday - chicken teriyaki, stir fry vegetables, and rice
Thursday - loaded burritos, chips & salsa
Friday - crockpot lasagna or chili, garlic bread, salad
Saturday - some kind of roast and veggies, sourdough bread
Sunday and Monday - leftovers, take out, cereal, or fried rice

It's been fun, and now that we're already in the habit of daily family dinner, it's going to be easy to start a running regimen and get my ass back into shape.  The tough part is that cooking is so much better with a glass of wine.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Claire Bear Update

Claire has been ridiculously clingy for the past few days.  I have it on good authority she has a tooth (or teeth) coming in so I'm cutting her some slack.  Plus I love it when she sees me and puts her arms out or plays next to me with one hand on my leg. 

She has been sleeping in lately too.  Now I find myself waking her up at 6am so we can start the day.  And she still always wakes up with a smile on her face. 

I look at her and she's just getting so big, so fast.  Her little butt has rounded out, and she has chubby legs and fat arms.  Now that her hair is growing in, I miss her bald little baby head.  And to think I was so worried about having a baby with no hair.

I'm trying to enjoy this period because I know now that time goes by too fast.  I look at pictures of Adley and I think, "where did MY tiny helpless baby go?"  Now that Claire is starting to get around a bit, I just wish she would stay still for a second so I could love on her.  When I put her on my chest in the middle of the night, her legs hang off the side.  It makes me sad sometimes.  Motherhood is tough, yo.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Six Months

I forgot that today was Claire's birthday.  Because it's also Super Bowl Sunday.  So we did her pictures in her Niners outfits, complete with outfit changes.

I really can't believe she's already half a year old.  My sweet baby who loves being cuddled and gives good hugs.  Who also kicks me and pulls my hair.  My little Firecracker.