Friday, May 31, 2013

Mother's Day Snafu

A few weeks ago, I had written a whole post about not getting a Mother's Day present "from Claire" but never published it.  I felt so guilty and ashamed for being a brat.  Dale had gotten me a lovely card "To My Wife on Mother's Day" and even written a nice paragraph about what I mean to him, being the mother to his daughter.  I guess he never realized he was supposed to buy me a present as if Claire did, and I never told him either.  To be honest, I never even thought about it until I saw all the "MOM" necklaces on Facebook.

So I quietly mulled it over, and instead of saying something to him, which would have led to both of us having hurt feelings rather than just me (I'm so noble y'all!) I bought myself a pair of Tory Burch wedges.  They are "from" Claire.

BUT THEN DP came home last week with these.  For no reason at all.

Then I REALLY felt like a brat.  I told him I couldn't accept them for moral reasons (they had fallen off the back of a truck) but the true reason is because I felt so guilty being bummed about not getting a Mother's Day present from my infant daughter.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

He left them on the kitchen counter for a few days but then I just started wearing them.  He spent money on them after all.  Plus who am I kidding with that "morality" stuff?  I'm not the first upstanding citizen who would wear something that some punk kid stole to make a few bucks.

So feel free to judge the crap out of me for being a Mother's Day gift brat, for wearing stolen sunglasses, and for probably using "snafu" in the wrong context. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Claire's Week

It went well.  Her teacher sent home a note asking if Claire can wear shoes.  I had to laugh because I had noticed all the other kids in shoes and thought it was quite "grown up" of them.  But people always look at me funny when I say Claire doesn't wear shoes so obviously it's me that's in the wrong.  I just thought her feet were supposed to form naturally.  Is that a hippy thing?  I don't know.  Anyway, so I put shoes on Claire for school on Thursday and she wouldn't walk in them.  It took her a while to stand up in them even, she wouldn't do it until we got to her school.  It was kind of hilarious, but I just figured it was better to have her try them out at daycare.

Check out Claire's fresh kicks!
I also got a note asking if Claire can use a sippy cup.  I take one full of water when we go on our runs and I'm pretty sure she drinks out of it.  I just never bother to correct her or take it away when she's dumping it on her head because, well it's damn hot on our runs and I would like to dump water on my head too.  So yet another new thing that Claire can practice at daycare.

They provide the snacks but I have to send her lunch, and the first day I had sent pureed carrots because she was supposed to be in the baby room.  Claire doesn't eat baby food at home but I thought, why not?  I didn't want to send her some rice and sauce and have the other babies make fun of her.  Plus she ate it all, so yay!  But in her new big-girl room, she is encouraged to feed herself, so one day I sent a scrambled egg and the next I sent leftover tilapia.  I cut her food using a pizza cutter so they are in cute little squares.  Also, I have weird protein issues that I'm obviously passing on to my kid.  Great. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Daycare

Here we go again!

Claire had her first day at the new daycare today.  She was a little overwhelmed when I dropped her off.  In fact, so was I.  They asked me about her mobility and recommended the next classroom up from the baby room.  I went into the baby room and there was a small mat with some bouncy chairs and a ton of cribs on wheels.  I just shook my head.  Claire would be rolling and shaking those cribs all over the place!

The next classroom up was more her style.  A huge play mat with push toys and stand up toys.  And a play kitchen!  I was in love.  She would be the youngest in there since they don't move up the babies until they are 10-12 months, but even though Claire is only 9 months, she is already walking so that's why they recommended it. 

I had brought everything except her bottles.  I can't believe I had forgotten my baby's food on her first day!  So I left Claire there and went to grab them, when I came back, she was crying.  I was so sad.  So even though I probably could have just left them to deal with it, I went in and carried her for a bit.  She just hugged me.  The teacher said she was getting upset during parent drop-offs.  My poor little baby.  All the other kids had on shoes.  I don't know why that stands out.

Anyway, so I asked if I could give her the pacifier because I might help, and then I left.  I called back around noon and the teacher actually said she was doing great.  She sounded surprised.  Her daily sheet said she'd eaten a ton of food (that's my girl) and napped for almost 2 hours.  I was so relieved.

I really like this new daycare and I hope Claire does too.  They have a schedule - free play, then breakfast, then music, then sign language, then discovering Spring (playing outside), then lunch, then nap, etc.  It's too hilarious.  I can imagine Claire "discovering Spring" like a big girl.  She already eats grass so she's half way there!

My big girl.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

It was hard for me not to make a picture card, but I'll wait for the Fourth of July.  I don't know how much Memorial Day should be "celebrated" considering it's a day when we honour the fallen soldiers.  Or am I confusing it with Remembrance Day?  Or is that supposed to be Veteran's Day?  Ok now I'm really confused!  I should know this.

So we had a picnic at the park on Sunday.  I took the opportunity for these awesome matching outfits.  It's funny because Gigi had that dress for a few years, purchased here, and Claire got that dress as a gift recently, purchased in WA.  When I opened it, Gigi's face was priceless.  She loves matching outfits with Claire.  Look at these silly girls!

We went over to a friend's pool on Monday.  It was calm and nice.  Dale's friends are having a baby so we felt comfortable taking Claire.  And wouldn't you know, she was so good.  She played and didn't fuss when she got tired or anything.  I just love her demeanor. 

I took his friends some of Claire's Packers hand-me-downs since they are from Green Bay.  They loved it.  I have been giving all of Claire's clothes away except for those few items I had saved specifically for when this couple got pregnant, so I was delighted it happened so soon.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Cut My Hair

I said I never would.  I looooooved my long hair.  So did my husband.  But I just wore it in a bun every single day.  I don't know if I got lazy, or if it's because I don't go out the way I used to when I would actually "do" it, but it's not because I don't have the time.  Maybe I just don't care? 

Anyway, here you go, I got some mom-hair.  I don't know why my face is so red.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Oh Na Na

My daughter has many nicknames.  The most notorious, is Poopoo. 

When she was a newborn, her poos would ALWAYS explode out of her diaper and soil her clothes.  Like it was a normal occurrence at our house to wash our sheets daily, since she slept with us.  I would always ask, "How can so much poo come out of such a tiny little baby?!"

Now her poos are only sporadically explosive, but she does poo at least 2 times a day.  AT LEAST.  She barely eats food!  I will never understand this. 

Anyway so we call her Poopoo, and her dad even makes up his own songs using the term.  Some notable ones are "Poopoo Bottom Jeans" and The Barney Song, where "Poopoo" replaces every noun in the verse.

My dad, niece and nephew call her Poopoo also.  Yesterday I was calling her Poopoo Jones and Ramses said to me, "That's not her last name."  Remember, these are the kids who thought my name was "Aunty" for many years and were shocked to find out I had another name when they were like 5 years old.  So of course I ask, "What's her last name?"  Ramses says, without missing a beat, "Bear." 

Poopoo Bear.  Oooookay.

By the way, you probably think this it's so gross that I call my beautiful little angel such a crass term, but honestly, saying it so often makes it kind of lose it's meaning. 


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summertime Fun

The weather has finally been hot.  A hundred degrees-hot.  So we've been doing our weekend runs early in the morning. 

Well I guess our neighbourhood HOA agrees that it's hot too because at 9:30am the splash pad at the park we run by was on.

I only run 3 days a week (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) so it's hard after being off for so long.  Sometimes I take a break at the park, and let Claire watch the kids on the playground.  She loves it. 

This time I kept her in the stroller, just wanted her to see the water.  Then I'm like, oh what the hell?  I took her out and let her go wild.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Funday

My favourite peeps.  Just hanging out.  Eating the grass.  NBD.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Blue Monday

I have been putting off this story because it's sad, and because people are judgy.  But in the interest of this blog, I have pretty much put everything out there anyway.  So hopefully nobody is going to call CPS on me because I forget sunscreen or my kid gets bumps on her noggin.  There are some things I do right too, and when I figure out what they are, oh you will know!

So Claire has been a wobbly walker the past few days.  Well one day she was playing in my bathroom, which is tiled, while I was getting ready.  This is normal.  And she fell.  But she always falls.  Except this time she fell face-first instead of onto her back, and she actually started crying.  When I picked her up, there was blood gushing from her nose.  Like her face was covered in tears mixed with blood and it was going into her mouth and she was crying really loudly and looking at me in my eyes.  It was awful. 

I wanted to die.  And I kind of froze.  But my cousin helped me clean her up and I held her and she was fine.  But I was not fine.  I couldn't get the image of her tiny bloody face out of my head.

Later when I told my husband what happened, I was scared because if he had seen what I saw, he would have been really upset.  So I kind of downplayed it.  He said I need to be more careful (duh) but I was literally standing right there.  Babies fall down.  I think he saw how upset I was myself and so he also said it wasn't my fault.  Yeah I know that.  But I still felt like shit.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My First Mother's Day

The non-profit I'm involved in hosts an annual Mother's Day 5K. 

Last year, running with my mom.

2013: Running with my daughter.

I do need to take a moment to highlight Girls on the Run for a minute though.  When four of us took on this adventure 3 years ago, we started our first season with 8 girls and our first 5K wasn't even open to the public.  This season, we had 60 girls and over 250 registrants at our 5K.  GOTR of Las Vegas has grown by leaps and bounds.  And even though I've left the council for a spot on the Board, I'm so proud of what our little non-profit has become.

Girls on the Run is so much fun!
Dale drove us and waited for us at the finish line.  Because of the way the course looped, he actually got to see us 3 different times.  Since it started so late - 10am - it was already 95 degrees and much too hot for running.  I finished in 37 minutes.  I couldn't help but be disappointed.  I'm determined to get better though. 

This afternoon we had a bbq at the apartment, with Claire's grandmothers (and stand-in grandma).  It was lovely.  My mother-in-law made bacon and jalapeno wrapped prawns for the grill and my mom made my favourite dish in the whole world, her macaroni & cheese.  Claire swam and we just sat around having drinks and enjoying the company.  I think my first Mother's Day was a success.

I love the pretty silk dress Claire is wearing.  Somebody made it for me when I was a baby and it finally fit her.  My mom can't remember, but she gave me a list of 5 people who could have made it.  Does anyone know?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Claire Walks!

For over 2 weeks now, Claire had been attempting her first step, but she would just fall down every time.  I knew she would walk any day since then but it just never happened.

Until today...

I was filming her playing with a water bottle, because she puts the whole cap in her mouth and then looks at me like, "look what I can do."  But then the baby got up and took 5 steps.  That's me screaming at the end there.  I think I was saying OMG CLAIRE, THAT'S THE MOST YOU'VE EVER WALKED.  Because she seriously did go from attempting her first step, to like 5 in a row.  It was wobbly, but it counts!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 3: This is What I Talk About Now

This is my fourth blog post in a row that is daycare related.  Trust me you guys, I'm even boring to myself.  But I will still update everyone.

I went and withdrew Claire from her class yesterday.  I was pleased to walk in there and see the floating teacher on the floor with Claire, singing her the ABCs.  Claire, as usual, was shaking her little bum to the tune.  I wished the floater was her regular teacher.  It's not even that the other teachers are that bad - they are doing their job, Claire is always clean and happy - but I guess I just wanted there to be more.

So when I told the Director I was leaving and expressed my concerns, she was naturally upset.  But I was too.  I assured her that it wasn't a reflection on her or the center, that I would send Claire there again (it's down the street from my house) when I was more comfortable with her being independent, and that I had even recommended it for Fiori who was going to join them in the fall when she starts Kindergarten.  She understood.

Then she told me I have to give 2 weeks notice.  Like a job!  And that even if I didn't bring Claire for the next two weeks, I would still be charged.  Which means if I enroll her in the new center, for the next two weeks I would be paying $375/week in daycare costs.  OH HELL NO.  I pleaded with her, told her I was there for 3 freaking days.  But rules are rules.

So now Claire is going to stay at her current daycare center for the next two weeks and start at her new center at the end of the month.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 2: Not So Much

My daughter is active, sometimes too active. I can admit that. She's also very vocal. And it's hard to chase after a 9 month old baby, I have a hard time some days myself.

But almost every time I logged in yesterday, Claire was sitting in something.  The highchair or the bouncy chair.  One time I logged in and the lady had her in a vibrating infant seat.  Claire hasn't been in one of those things since she was unable to hold up her head.

When I logged on during my lunch break, I was relieved to see Claire finally on the floor.  Except that all the toys were "put away" and Claire was following one of the ladies around the room.  And any time Claire would get to her, she would walk right around the baby and carry on her way.  She didn't even look at her.  Claire was obviously needing attention.  I was silently pleading with her to just pick up my baby and give her a hug.

It was heartbreaking.  I chose to put Claire in a daycare center so she could have friends and sing songs and play with toys and climb on stuff and get cuddles from adoring teachers.  Not this bullshit that I was witnessing.

It may seem silly, but this was the hardest thing to see.
Most babies love food.  My baby LOVES food.
I felt sad to see her coveting a doughnut.

Claire was sitting in the highchair for 25 minutes when I took
this screenshot.  Notice no snacks in front of her.
Not even a small toy.  So why the chair then?

It was when I saw Claire playing in her crib in the afternoon that really shook me up.  Babies don't play in cribs.  Maybe she was in trouble, or maybe she was tired and they thought she would go to sleep, but mostly maybe I should just close the webcam and pretend I was one of those parents who couldn't watch their baby in the infant room at daycare.  I don't know.  But I couldn't deal.

So I popped into another preschool on my way home.  Walking in there was like night and day.  It was a happy place with nice staff and the babies in the infant room were all hanging out by the teacher, who was snuggling a baby.  Claire's teachers never snuggled a baby.  They barely looked at the babies.  The new classroom had a curriculum posted on the door.  Something about science and textures.  I got excited for structured play.  Claire would LOVE that, rocks or leaves or whatever scienc-y stuff you can do with a 9 month old. 

I burst into tears when the Director asked why I was switching daycare centers.  Then SHE teared up when the first reason out of my mouth was that nobody hugged my baby all day.  I told her about the sitting in stuff, lack of interaction, and how the teachers didn't engage the kids.  She was horrified.  I saw in on her face even though she tried not to say too much.

So I am registering Claire at a new daycare, starting Tuesday.  The funny thing is, that Claire doesn't care at all.  It's obviously me who is completely distraght here.  But that's ok, my daughter is a champ and she's pretty content in any situation.

Here is Claire actually playing.
Seeing this today made me feel better.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 1: Success

I turned on Claire's classroom webcam a couple of times throughout the day.  What a time suck!  At one point during my lunch break, I had to turn it off because I realized I was watching her just sit there, drinking a bottle.  

She carried her pacifier around with her all day.  Something she doesn't do at home, but I guess she needed whatever comfort it gave her.  It has a little toy animal attached so I just saw a big yellow duck either in her hand or hanging out of her mouth the whole time!  Funny kid.

I was a bit bummed because it didn't seem like anyone was really loving her up the way that we do at home.  By the afternoon though, my aunt told me one of the teachers was cuddling her.  And when I picked her up, the teachers told me Claire did great!  She sounded a bit surprised.  But Claire is a pretty easy-going baby, I knew she'd be fine.  Since I was worried about her sleeping, I asked how she napped and they gave me a daily report.  It said that Claire only slept for about half an hour all day!  She must have been so distracted by all the fun stuff going on.

And what do you know, Claire passed out on the way home.  I mean passed out hard.  She barely opened her eyes when I took her out of the carseat.  I threw her in the bath to wash the daycare off her, then lotioned her up and put pajamas on her.  I was trying to keep her up for her dad to see her but she just couldn't do it.  Poor baby was so tired she barely ate before clamoring to get in her crib.

I guess she was overtired and overly hungry, because she cried in her sleep twice during the night.  Once she had about 6 ounces and about 3am she drank a whole 9 ounce bottle before falling back asleep in my arms.

Her schedule is changing and will take some getting used to.  She usually sleeps until about 9am but since she went to bed so early last night, when I went in her room this morning and opened her blinds, she sat up and smiled at me.  Ready for another day!

I am putting pants and socks on her from now on because even though she was so adorable in her little dress yesterday, she crawled around a ton and that had to be rough on her bare knees.

This time when I dropped her off though, she let me kiss her before I left.  Small victories!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First Day of School

Dale got a new job working days, so now we can have dinner and bedtimes like a normal family.  And I enrolled Claire in daycare.  I had pretty much wanted to from the start, it was DP who was against the idea.  But I hated worrying about who was watching her what day, and what the heck they're doing with her.  Being a parent, or loving Claire, isn't enough to give her the kind of specialized care I think she deserves on a day to day basis.  Not that a daycare provider would be guaranteed to give it to her either, but the peace of mind that comes with certified training and the live streaming video camera is enough for me.  Unfortunately, it's a hundred and eighty freaking dollars/week for the 3 days she's there. 

I dropped her off this morning, and when the daycare lady took her, Claire hugged her and put her head on her shoulder.  What a little charmer!

Going to daycare

They had told me to bring a crib sheet but that's all they said, so I pretty much just sent an extra outfit, some socks, and diapers/wipes.  They are super unorganized which ordinarily would turn me off from patronizing a business, but for some reason this seemed okay.  I'd rather they pay attention to the kids than worry about paperwork or picking up.

Claire's teacher seems nice, she asked me if Claire goes to sleep on her own or does she need to rock her.  I told her that Claire goes to sleep on her own but could she just rock her anyway?  Then I started to tear up thinking about how Claire likes her own crib in her own room.  When I said goodbye and leaned in for a kiss, she wanted nothing to do with me.  Like, look ma, there are actual toys here!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

We took Claire for a drive across town for some Cinco de Mayo festivities.  She had no idea what was going on.  But then she found her dad's margarita and tried to fight him for it.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Nine Months

Claire is 9 months.  She's trying to take steps but it hasn't happened yet.  Of course everytime I put her in "the chair" she gets mad and gets up.  I had to give her a book but even then it only occupied her for a brief moment.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


I had mentioned before that Claire has a "bored" aire about her when we are doing fun stuff.  Check her out on the swing.  Hello doesn't she know that swings are omg so awesome?!

She's practically rolling her eyes.  "Whatever MOM."