Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween

Happy Halloween!  Being out of commission for 3 days would derail a normal person, but certainly not a plan-ahead type like myself.  (Can you hear me preening?)

Halloween cards, sent.

 Parties, attended.  (And in costume.)


I even had some time last night to make my annual ghost cookies.  I've been doing these for years, and have yet to taste one, but everyone says it's good.  Totally just Nutter Butters dipped in white chocolate.  I usually bring a batch into work but decided it against it today because everyone knows I've been sick and who wants to eat homemade snacks from the sick girl?  I had picked up some bowls on sale at the grocery store though, and made little gifts for Claire's teachers.  They turned out pretty cute.

But the winning point for me was, naturally, Claire's main costume.  (I had actually did a practice run on Saturday because I wanted the kids to see her.  They are going to trick-or-treat with their mom this year and I didn't want them to miss out on seeing this.  The last two pics were at daycare drop-off today, which is why she's wearing the actual pants that go with the costume.)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Absolute Worst

It started on Sunday night when DP and I went to Walmart to pick up a few bulk items.  I had mentioned my stomach hurt so of course DP told me his stomach was in SO MUCH PAIN.  You know, because everything has to be a competition.

So we get our cases of water and toilet paper (and thank GOD we did) then got out of there.  Meanwhile things were escalating quickly in the bowels of my abdomen LITERALLY (you're welcome) and I just had to lay down right at that very moment.  When we pulled into our garage, I was willing to sacrifice the two gallons of milk in the trunk, and I ran out of the car yelling for Dale to "...leave the milk, save ourselves, we'll get more milk!" But ever the voice of compassion, he told me to go lay down and he would unload the groceries and get the baby.  I curled up in the fetal position on my bed and instantly began to feel stabbing pains in my stomach.  Like tiny little knives, and it wasn't going away.  At some point Dale came in and tried to bring Claire over to give me a goodnight kiss, and I whisper-yelled at him, "No touching and no talking!"  He was seriously dejected for about 5 minutes, because as soon as he put the baby in her room, it hit him.  Except that he wasn't stupid enough to lay down on the bed and writhe in agony.  No, he went straight to the bathroom.  And there he stayed for the next 6 hours.

People, when I say 'violent' I truly mean it.  I hate puking, but the pain was clawing at me hard, and the meditation to keep my insides inside me wasn't working.  I finally decided to barf it all out, and then I regretted the 3 bloody maries from earlier that day.  At one point I'm laying there, out of breath, and I swear I was reminiscing about that time I pushed out a baby, because I would gladly have taken that cake-walk over this current horror.

And the next day was worse.  The pain finally started to subside a bit around 4am, and I might have actually fallen asleep.  I don't know for sure, because the baby woke up for the day at 5am.  Awesome.  I got up with her, and didn't know what to do, so I drew her a bath.  My deprived, showering child thought it was swimming time so she played happily while I laid on the cool linoleum.  I could hear the groaning coming from my bedroom, and the heavy footsteps of Dale's going back and forth to our bathroom, and at one point poked my head in to see if he was alright.  Well that just set him right off because how dare I come in there, all being able to walk upright and stuff, don't I know he's dying?  And I'M NOWHERE NEAR AS SICK AS HE IS.  Where was his voice of compassion then?  IT WAS DEAD.

I shut both Claire and I in her room and I slept on the floor while she completely trashed the whole entire space.  I didn't care.  I may have thrown some goldfish crackers at her at some point.  The pain was unbearable.  I was so grateful for Tuesday and Wednesday daycare.  And I'm sure Claire was too.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


  • "Bye-bye"
  • "Uh-oh"
  • "Da" (Daddy)
  • "Ga" (Gramps)
  • "Poppa"
  • "Bo"
  • "Ball"
  • "Duck"
She doesn't call me by name, or anyone else besides her dad and her grandpas. And yesterday, out of nowhere, she held up a rubber ducky and said, "duck."  So I quacked at her and she killed herself laughing.  I have no idea where she learned that one, must be from daycare.  She will mimic sounds when I make them, and she mimics Bo, Sierra's cat, which is pretty adorable.

She also waves, claps, and gives high-fives.  If you tell her to "say goodnight/bye" to someone, she will go and give them a kiss.  She can grab her own shoes and bring them to me to put on, and she brushes her own teeth/hair.  She's just really cool at this stage where she's absorbing so much.

When we got home last night, I left her shoes and jacket on, and opened the back door.  She played outside while I prepared dinner.  She's super independent, and I love that we don't always have to be in the same room at all times.  So I let her eat her pb sandwich outside and then I blew her some bubbles before bedtime.  She goes nuts for those.  God I love that kid.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkins and My Big Girl

Claire was asked to bring in two small pumpkins to school today.  So I dressed her in a pumpkin shirt to match her activities.  I think they are going to simulate a pumpkin patch.  Which is hilarious because even though Claire's pumpkins are small, she still can't pick them up.  Also, what happened to my baby???


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jeans Day

I put Claire in some jeans for errands yesterday.  She looked so "fall" wearing them with her plaid shirt.  I got a lot of compliments too... from our family members... because this was the first time I had ever dressed her in actual denim jeans.  I'm a fashion-mom-failure!

Seriously though, I dress Claire in a lot of leggings.  I like how they look and they seem comfortable.  Especially since being back at daycare.  And on days that she doesn't go to school, I put her in dresses.

As you can see, it's hard to get full-on outfit pics because Claire is so busy and always on the move.  So I'm including some photos from brunch at our favourite breakfast spot.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Festival

I dressed Claire in a totally different costume for the fall festival in my neighbourhood.  She was supposed to be Fellaini, a Manchester United soccer player who has a big afro.  Well Claire only has a small afro but even then, with the heat of the middle of the day, it fell flat.


 They had a pumpkin patch where the kids could go pick their own pumpkins.  It was more like a pumpkin hill.  But anyway, I had ran in and grabbed one for Claire, then we waited while the kids hemmed and hawed over every pumpkin in the bunch.  I had warned them to only grab one they could carry themselves back to the car, since we had parked a couple of blocks away and up a hill.

They were very happy with their choices.  At first.  Until they each ended up rolling their pumpkins up the hill to the car.  While I lugged Claire and hers.  Probably worth it.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

No More I Say

Since Claire has turned a year old, people want to know when we're having a second baby.  My answer is always a loud, resounding, "NEVER!"  But that's what I said about ever having a first so nobody believes me.  I tell you what though, having Claire is the best Thing I Never Knew I Always Wanted (yeah, I saw that on an inspirational sign) and it's been a totally awesome experience.  And if I could get a one-hundred percent guarantee that I would have only girls, I would do this a couple more times.  (Jacqueline Beyoncé and Hannah Beyoncé.)  But since there's no way to ensure an adorable pack of best-friend sisters, I'm not doing it, so you can stop asking.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Last Weekend

Yes, we went to the pumpkin patch and had a bonfire.  But in our downtime, I walked in on the kids watching Spider-Man.  It was the cutest thing, all three of them sitting on the couch with Claire's leg draped over her cousin.

I also helped Gigi build a haunted house for school.  She used two cereal boxes.  The only parts I really "helped" with was cutting out all those windows because I had to use a sharp knife.  She was so proud of herself and I was EXTREMELY proud of her! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

School Days

Claire's teachers asked me to bring in some family pictures, and they made this adorable collage for her classroom.  I guess it's supposed to help her when she's missing all of us.  One of her teachers told me that one day she was standing in front of it, pointing and babbling.  How cute is that?

And since we're talking about daycare, here's an photo of Claire in her classroom because she looked so cute.  And also her first school picture.  She looks scared, and it kinda looks like a mugshot.  The caption on the photographer's envelope seems fitting.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Well This Sucks

I had to dig out my winter clothes, and wouldn't you know?  Nothing fits me.  My favourite sweater dress is too tight and too short, so I decided to wear it as a shirt.  Then I had to jimmy-rig my pants today with a hair elastic.  Like pregnant people do.  Except that it's been OVER A YEAR since I was pregnant.

So then I ate a maple and bacon covered long john.

Monday, October 14, 2013


No, not really, but I wanted to be dramatic.

It has cooled down significantly though.  Especially on mornings.  And when I wake Claire up to get in the shower, she doesn't even complain, she just gets right in and sits down under the running water.  It's pretty cute.  And after we are done I get out and dry off, leaving her in there for a few extra minutes.  She plays and splashes and opens her mouth to catch the falling water.  Just imagine my little naked baby dancing in the rain, that's what it reminds me of. 

My littlest brother-in-law built a fire pit in their backyard, so one night we went to check it out, and DP built the biggest bonfire ever.  It got so big that he thought we'd have to find a hose and water it down.  It was beautiful.  Claire even woke up and came to check it out.  I don't think she was very impressed though.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gigi and GOTR

I think Gigi is enjoying her time with Girls on the Run, even though she says she doesn't like all the running.  But she's pretty good at it, and is my second fastest runner, so I think she says she "hates running" because it's just something people say.  It's a good thing I'm here to change that!

Last week at practice, Gigi ran her assigned 6 laps plus another one for a girl who was struggling with hers.  We try to promote teamwork in every aspect, so even though running is a solitary sport, we allow the girls to help out their teammates by sharing laps.  The lessons really hit home when we incorporate the concepts into their runs.  Like teamwork, cooperation and gratitude are buzzwords we try to use consistently, avoiding all negative talk. 

I think the lessons carry over into her life outside of practices too, because on Friday when I went to my mom's house, I discovered these little notes all over the place.  It's really cute that Gigi is so enamored with the idea of positive self-talk.  Even despite the fact that we now need to have a discussion about the proper uses for 'your' and 'you're'.