Friday, January 31, 2014

Gung Hei Fat Choy

May the year of the wooden horse bring you health, wealth, and happiness. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Terrible One and a Half

Claire has been throwing tantrums.  Actually, she's been throwing herself on the floor.  I feel bad because she is an actual tiny little person, but she's not allowed to make her own decisions.  And I try to coax her into say, coming with me, but when she doesn't I have to just pick her up and carry her away.  Imagine how frustrating that would be.

Yesterday she didn't want to leave daycare.  I was like, "What the heck Claire, you boo-hood when I dropped you off and now you are boo-hooing when I pick you up?!"  Damn, babies are so fickle.

Sometimes I try to lead her into doing something by saying, "...and then we'll go do X."  So for instance, this morning I wanted her to put her paci in her crib, and she just looked at me.  So I said, "Go put your paci in your crib and then we'll go say goodbye to Daddy."  So she did it, then booked it to her dad.  However, there is a find line between giving her steps and bribing her.  Once I told her, "If you sit down here and let me do your ponies, I will paint your fingernails."  She loves her nailpolish.

For the most part though, she's pretty good at listening.  Even if she's upset, she will do what I ask.  Once she got out of bed and came to the door crying, but I was standing right there waiting and said, "Uh-uh, back to bed." So she turned around and, sobbing, got back in her bed.  Of course I felt sorry for her and after an appropriate time, went back to check on her.  I hate when she goes to bed upset.

It's tough because I don't know how far to go before it becomes spoiling.  I used to always tell DP, you can't spoil an infant.  But now that Claire is a toddler, we really need to start reeling it in.  Especially when it comes to laughing as she does something cute.  Yesterday after dinner, she shoved 5 m&ms in her mouth at once, and was going for a sixth.  I was cracking up pretty hard and Gigi looked at me with disgust, and says, "Oh my gosh Aunty, what kind of a mother are you?"  Reality check!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Good Morning Birthday

It was my nephew's birthday yesterday, so Claire and I headed out early to get a cupcake for his breakfast.  They only had Valentine ones so we got one with a frog who had big red lips.  Aaaaand I dropped it on the way to the car.  But it was cool, he liked it. 

Someone else like eating cake for breakfast, but only after she polished off her chocolate pancake first.  I feel like I'm going to have myself a little butterball toddler.

Monday, January 27, 2014

M&Ms World

I needed filling for some baby shower favours I'm putting together, and what better filling for baby shower favours are there than m&ms? (Excuse that strange sentence. I'm on a sugar high and I don't know how to fix it right now.)

Anyway, so I took the kids with me and they LOVED it.  Like, you would have thought I took them to Disneyland.  Then I felt bad, because sometimes I think about taking them places since they are so helpful with the baby and it's actually a benefit for me to bring them along.  Just look at these happy faces!

Ok, well Ramses doesn't look so happy but that's because he just never smiles for pictures.  It's all very Posh Spice, he's actually a really happy kid in real life.  Anyway, so I bought them toy treats and it made their day.  They said I was the Best Aunty Ever and were just so grateful that I brought them to this fun place.  Ramses said that he can't wait until he's a grownup because then he's going to come back and buy SO MUCH STUFF with his own hard earned money.  Me too Ramses.  Me too.

So I filled my favours (I won't post a picture so they can be a surprise for the baby shower) and cleaned the candy coating off my kid's mouth before going on a 3 mile run.  Which I nailed.  Side brag - I haven't run since it got cold, so maybe since October/November?  I had started slowly since it had been so long, I did a half mile to start out, and the day I got my new stroller, I did a mile.  Well this time I went out and did a whopping 3 miles, running the whole time!  I feel rejuvenated and I think Claire enjoyed the outside time.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thirty Three

I had a pretty good birthday.  I took a half dozen doughnuts in for Claire's class (she ate a whole cake doughnut for breakfast) and 2 dozen into my office.  I worked the day of but then took the baby to my mom's so DP and I could go out for drinks that night.  I had the next day off to sleep in, then I went to get Claire and we spent a relaxing day hanging out.

DP and Claire usually spend their Fridays together, so when they got ready to go to the park and I said I'll come too, they both just stared at me.  I felt like an intruder!  But it was fun, they are so cute together.

I had done a whole bunch of grocery shopping because I just need to eat healthier and be better about fueling my body so I can run again.  So I got sandwich stuff and Naked juices.  Oh, and a new jogging stroller!  Happy birthday to me! 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's My Birthday

DP called me at work yesterday to ask what I wanted to do tonight.  I was like, "Oh, I don't know, I didn't make any plans."

Then I remembered that it was also my friend's birthday and she organized a happy hour thing at a local bar, so I said, "Well my friend is having drinks at Firefly so I want to stop over there and have one with her."

Then I added, "Oh, and I already asked my parents to babysit."

So DP was like, "Well I thought you didn't make any plans?"  And I'm like, "I didn't.  This was just like, a random thing."  And he's all, "Well you secured a baby-sitter."  And I'm like, "WTF of course I did.  Two weeks ago I asked my dad if he would keep Claire on my birthday because it was, you know, my birthday?"

And then he got all huffy because he thinks I'm planning my life away and can't I just be more spontaneous?  My eyes were rolling SO HARD into the back of my head because first of all, he's calling me the day before my birthday to ask what I want to do, and was he going to scramble for a babysitter at the last minute if I wanted to do something?  No, of course not, because I would be scrambling for a babysitter at the last minute. 

I know that sometimes he thinks I'm no fun because I balk at things that come up (ie. he forgets to tell me about) at the 11th hour.  Like I have not gone to basketball games when we were supposed to sell our tickets but didn't, or gone roller skating with the kids when he makes the plans for the same night, or done other really fun things because I don't have time to have a shower or get the baby down before we have to be somewhere.  But it's not fun for me to be rushing around because odds are I forget something or am just unsettled the whole time.  And I do feel kind of sad and sometimes sorry for him that I cannot just fly by the seat of my pants.  But it's not in me.

Meanwhile, I know exactly what the real issue here is.  We have had passes for Knott's Berry Farm and a free hotel stay for over a month now, but we can't plan a vacation because anytime it comes up DP replies with, "We'll talk about it," or, "I don't know yet," meanwhile I need to secure time off from work and budget some gas money for the drive.  Because of this we will never go on a weekend trip.  Unless I just plan it and tell him the plans, to which he will think I'm incapable of spontaneity.  Which I guess I just am, and then it's just a vicious circle.  BUT OBVIOUSLY MY WAY IS BETTER. 

How can I make him see how right I am?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Claire needs new shoes, so I guess we have to get some this weekend.  This is the last pair that fit her well enough to wear to daycare.  She thought she was so cute too, when I put them on her, and was posing up a storm before we left for school.  She even made me take a picture of her feet.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kind of a Win

Ok I am being totally obsessive over Claire's eating habits, I know, it's crazy.  I don't know who I am anymore.

Anyway, so I packed a peanut butter sandwich for Claire's lunch on Thursday, and for the first time ever, she ate it!  Her teacher couldn't wait to tell me at pick-up.  Well then I got embarrassed and I told her the reason why Claire never ate lunch was because we'd been feeding her so much milk that she was full all the time.  BUT that I had Googled how much milk she was supposed to be drinking and we have cut down big-time.  The teacher pity-laughed.  But hey, you live and you learn.

For dinner I gave Claire some turkey dog and cheese slices.  Yeah, not a great dinner, but we had no leftovers and she eats right when we get home.  I tried to get her to sign more but she was too distracted to perform on my command.  She did say, "cheese" though.
(I couldn't upload the video for some reason, so here's the link.)

On Fridays she stays home with her daddy so I left her a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.  DP is going to laugh when he sees that it's cut into a flower shape.  He already thinks I'm a little nuts.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

So the same day that Claire woke up in her "brand new" bed, the teachers in her classroom transitioned her from a playpen to a cot for naptime.  I had no idea this was going to happen but I guess it makes it easier on me since there's consistency between home/school.  And they said she did great.  When I went to pick her up, she was sitting in a tiny little chair at a tiny little table.  No more highchair either.

And since I have been giving her less milk and more food, I wanted to give her something special for lunch.  I usually just toss some leftovers or a scrambled egg in a Tupperware, she doesn't eat much anyway (but ALWAYS eats all her snacks) and so most of it goes to waste.  Well so I made her a peanut butter sandwich with apple slices for lunch.

Ok I need to share one more thing because it's kind of funny.  DP had done most of the dishes before he went out the other night, so before I went to bed I did the rest.  For some reason he will only wash the dishes from the sink and not the ones that are left on the coffee table or elsewhere in the kitchen.  Like on the counter.  I don't know either.  So this is what I was left with from Claire and myself.  Sippy cups and wine glasses.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sign of the Times

Last night DP was out so it was just Claire and me.  And don't get it twisted, I love when the three of us are home together, but I was surprised at how pleasant our evening was.  Claire played nicely in the living room with her toys while I unpacked our lunch bags and got her dinner ready, then ate quietly while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  (Ok, well not exactly quietly.  She yells her answers at Mickey and woofs anytime Goofy gets screen-time.)  At one point she yelled for me and was babbling away incoherently, so I assumed she had finished her apples and wanted to come out of her chair.  Well I was wrong, she just wanted more.  And do you know how I knew that?  She signed it to me.

My baby is a genius!  I knew she had a signing class at school, but we never practiced at home or anything, because I don't know any signs.  Except the sign for more, believe it or not, and I learned that when I worked in a daycare 14 years ago.  I had a special needs student who communicated this way, but he was a baby and this was the only sign he knew too.

You guys, I don't know how to convey what this meant to me.  Claire does all kinds of new and wonderful things.  The other day she was talking to my dad's voicemail and she said "love you" for the first time.  But this was different.  It was something above and beyond learning basic functionality like walking, saying words, eating with a fork, etc.  And I am always joking that Claire is my little athlete, but look at her being smart too!  I'm a proud mum today.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Selfie

Last night we went to our neighbourhood sushi place for dinner.  Did you know they made Kirin Light?  And I can't drink a whole beer before it gets warm anymore.  As long as the baby is awake anyway.  And even though it was a day to celebrate our marriage, I think Claire had the best time. 

She was a hit at the restaurant, and ate her edamame and lemon wedge (wtf Claire?) like a champ.  I gave her a taste of spicy tuna, and her face turned red and she said, "hot," but then she ate more when I offered it again.  Oh, but the funniest part is that I was in her room to take a selfie of me wearing my wedding dress as a shirt because I'm too fat to wear it as a dress anymore, and she insisted on having a selfie herself.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bad Things Happen in Threes

(Nobody died. Sorry if the title implies that.)

So this weekend I had been limiting Claire's bottle/milk consumption during the daytime, and it was actually successful. Mostly because she is eating more actual food. This morning she had half a pancake and half a sausage. Small victories!

I put her down for her nap and had barely made it down the hall before I heard a loud thud, then a scream, then silence. I ran to open the door and Claire standing just inside the room doing that crying thing where there was no sound. It was scary. She seemed ok as far as being hurt, but she was scared and so I held her crying for a long time.  She wouldn't even go near her crib at that point so I didn't push the nap again. I had considered transitioning her to a bed (her crib converts) after she climbed out on Christmas morning, but she never did it again, so I just left it. Until today obviously. She climbed out during her naptime and fell hard, so while I comforted her, I turned the crib around where the open side faced out. 

Ok so that was the first bad thing. About an hour later, I tried to put Claire to sleep by laying down in my own bed with her. She seemed tired, but was messing around a bit, and she went to lay her head on my pillow. Why she needs to share my pillow, I'll never know. Except she laid back really hard and head-butted the shit out of my face. Of course she acted like she didn't feel anything, but I ended up with a fat, bloody lip. 

I think she either noticed the blood, or the tears in my eyes, but she immediately tried it kiss it better. That was the second thing, and I gave up on the nap forever by now. So I strapped her into the car seat and we went out for the afternoon. Of course she passed out immediately.  It was probably about fifteen minutes that she got to sleep because we went and had pho, where Claire ate noodles and lime wedges. Weirdo. Then we went to my dad's, the grocery store, and I had to drop off some GOTR stuff for my head coach. 

While at the grocery store, Claire was charming - saying hi and waving at strangers, flashing her winning smile. We'll I think she won a couple hearts and got a little cocky, because she was acting crazy in the cart. I told her to sit down, and she's usually good about in the store, but walking to the car she stood up and slipped, hitting her face on the edge of the buggy. She cried, again, and I felt so bad for her, so i picked her up and loved her up right there in the middle of the parking lot. She was so happy and playful despite no nap, and then her poor little good mood was ruined. We came home and she had a red welt under her eye. This was the third bad thing. 

By the time we got home, it was bedtime, and Claire basically refused to get in her bed. Plus she could get out so it's not like I could put her in there and just shut the door like usual. I rocked her while singing songs, even laid down in the bed with her and patted her back, but she kept getting up. Even while I laid with her, she kept grabbing my arm and putting it on her so I couldn't sneak out. There were so many tears. What was up with her today? Finally I asked her if she wanted some more milk and she said yes and stopped crying. I was like, "Why didn't you just ask for it?" And she looked at me like well you're the mother. So I gave her some milk and she went to bed with her bottle, paci, dream light, pillow, and blanket. I had bought a bottle of champagne for my wedding anniversary tomorrow and you best believe I popped that cork tonight! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Daycare is Raising my Baby

When I went to pick up Claire from daycare yesterday, the door to the classroom was closed.  She saw me thru the little window, so she ran up to the door saying, "Mumma! Mumma!" with her arms in the air.  It was super cute!  (I refer to myself as 'Mummy' so when Claire calls me, it's less like Mama and more like Mumma.)

Anyway, so the teacher came to open the door and she's like, "Oh man, we totally forgot to tell you something..."  So I'm thinking, oh great, what did we do now?  We seem to be the only ones at Lighthouse Academy who don't have it together, compared to the other families.  And she says, "Claire hasn't been using her bottles at daycare."  Now I send 3 empty bottles and 1 sippy cup a day.  It's required.  But I guess they have just been giving Claire all her drinks in her sippy - milk and water.  This baffled me because we don't use a sippy cup at home at all, Claire gets her milk in a bottle 3 times a day.  And being as lazy as we are, we only use one glass bottle and just rinse it out between uses, sanitizing about once a day.  I didn't even know where were supposed to be transitioning!

More specifically, Claire gets a bottle in her crib with her for nap/bedtime.  We heat her milk up, then she goes in her crib with her bottle, pacifier, Dreamlight night light, pillow, and cozy blanket.  I was just thinking I should probably adjust this set-up since Claire is getting more teeth now and I read that giving her a bottle in her crib is bad since she could fall asleep with milk still in her mouth and that would rot her teeth in the long run.

THEN the teacher adds, "And it's been about a month since we have given her the paci."

*record screech* 

Claire loves her Wubbanub pacifiers!  Hell, me and DP love her pacis.  And we don't let her hang out with them, they used to be just for the stroller, car, and crib, but now we just keep them in the crib for her.  She likes them when she's falling asleep.  It's why are very little pictures with them, but trust me when I say she loves them.

So all of a sudden now, Claire doesn't drink out of a bottle during the day and doesn't need her paci at naptime/bedtime?  It's like I don't even know her!

I guess we'll try it out at home this weekend.  I'm not going to eliminate both because that sounds harsh, but I just asked The Google how much milk my toddler should be getting and it said 16 ounces.  That's way less than we give her so I think we'll start there.  DP does give her other things to drink but it's mostly Gatorade and Soda which makes me see red.  We need to do more water in a sippy and I bet she'll start eating more at mealtimes instead of just wanting oyster crackers all damn day.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I guess it hadn't occurred to me how much Claire takes notice of things I do.  But this one particular day, I had left the shower door open, and she went and grabbed a pink razor.  It was capped, don't worry.  I saw her out of the corner of my eye, that she hiked up her dress and ran the razor up her leg.  It was a little bit humbling, seeing how she tried to emulate me. 

We get ready together every morning, but I never gave much thought to what we were actually doing.  We shower, then I get her dressed, then we brush our teeth, then I get myself dressed while she plays in my room.  When she fake-shaved her legs, I realized that even though it seems like she's playing in the shower while I do my thing, she is actually paying attention.  And now I've started to include her in my rituals.  So after we brushed our teeth, I kept her in the bathroom and let her lead.  She grabbed the Vaseline, opened the jar, scooped some out, and put it on her lips.  Then she grabbed my deodorant, uncapped it, and put it under her arms.  This is exactly what I do, in that order, when I think she's pre-occupied with her toys.

Until now, I never realized how much my daughter would really be like me.  I have doing the same thing in the same order my whole life.  So now will Claire?  And then I think about how much I am like my own mother and it's like duh, that makes sense.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mozzarella Sticks

I know "babies eating food" pictures are gross and I try not to post many.  Only a mother thinks their kid's face covered in peas is cute.  I think Claire is cute covered in anything.

So with that said, here are some pictures of my kid happily eating some fried cheese.  She likes eating anything she can dip in sauce.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Post-Season

I know we have made a big deal out of 49ers vs. Packers games in the past.  We have gone to a few at Candlestick, we have wagered our baby's allegiance on them, and we have watched the match-ups both separately and together.  It's rare for our two teams to play each other in the regular season, but it HAS happened.  This weekend though, was a whole other monster.  Because it's playoffs. 

This is the first time we have met up in the post-season since we started dating.  Which was almost exactly 12 years ago.  The 49ers won that game in 2002 (this seems relevant) but we barely knew each other so it didn't matter.

So on Sunday we dropped the baby off at my parents' house, locked the doors, and didn't answer our phones.  It was like that alternative marriage counseling where you stay locked inside of a small room until you work out your problems.  And I wish I documented the play-by-play of DP's behavior during the game, but I was too busy being worried/shoving our higher score in his stupid face to blog it.  Well the I don't think you need to wonder who won because I would definitely not be talking about it if the outcome was different, but we survived.  That's what matters.  (Yeah right.)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Morning

I'm finally back into my regular routine, which includes working Saturdays.  Today when I got ready and went to change the baby's diaper before leaving, she was up and ready to play.  Her dad wanted to sleep in a bit (which never works but hey, worth a try) so I gave her some warm milk and fresh pyjamas, then put her back in her crib.  Well she immediately hopped back up and put her arms out for me.  And she was in such a good mood, I felt bad leaving her trapped in her crib like that.  So I gave her some toys.  Still didn't work.  So I bribed her with a piece of chocolate.

I know, I'm shaking my head along with you.

I saw that the 25th door on her Advent Calendar was still closed, so I said, "If you lay down I will give you a piece of candy."  And Claire laid down, smiling.  So I gave her the chocolate, her bottle, her pacifier, her dreamlight pillow pet, and left.

Good luck daddy!  Rubs hands together

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Do You Ever Feel Like a Plastic Bag?

On New Year's Eve I found myself falling asleep on the couch at 9:30pm.  I was babysitting the 2 kids because my cousin was at work and my parents went to a party.  Yes, my old parents were at a party and I was watching the 5-Year Engagement and playing Legos.  I guess DP had enough at some point because he announced that he was going to get the third kid and were going to see the strip fireworks.  So I changed out of my pyjamas and got the baby up, and off we went.

The roads were eerily quiet.  No traffic, no sign of movement, and every now and then a police car would pass us.  It was Twilight Zone weird.  But I guess on NYE in Las Vegas, everyone is crowded onto our one major street, or in their homes. 

So we drove to the Alexis Park and made our way up to the rooftop.  It supposedly had a great view of the entire strip.  The kids were nervous, they knew they shouldn't be out that late and worried if we would get in trouble, and whether or not they would slide off the roof.  It was cute.  So we played it up Big Time and boy did they feel like superstars when it all worked out.


I really love Vegas, and I'm so glad I can share these fun times with the kids.  One day they'll be leaving us home and going off to party at the strip.  Hopefully they'll never forget the one time we took them as children.