Sunday, August 31, 2014


Claire slept in our bed from the first day she came home from the hospital, despite co-sleeping being something "I'd never do" and really didn't want to set the precedent.  (Famous last words.)  We both loved having her with us, and remember how we never put her down for the first 3 months of her life?  It only made sense that we wouldn't put her down to sleep either.  She napped on us during the day so why couldn't she sleep on us at night?  It was a lovely time and I missed it long after she stopped.

It was sometime after 3 months, that she decided she couldn't deal anymore and I had to put her in her crib.  She became enthralled with her bed and had the best sleep there, sleeping thru the night almost instantly.  She wouldn't sleep at her grand-parents, in the pack n play, or in our bed anymore.  Sometimes we tried it but would wake up to her staring at us.  Or after she could walk, she would just get off and go back to her room.  There were times when I tried to rock her to sleep, and she would point to her crib and tell me, "Night-night," meaning "put me in my damn crib."  People told us we were lucky.

But DP and I longed for a time when Claire would want to sleep with us, cuddle us again.  We both ended up working full time, and with her in daycare and crashing almost immediately after we all got home, we just missed her.  Lately she had been giving us trouble going to bed, wanting to be rocked or wanting to "lay down with daddy/mummy" in our bed.  We thought it was a phase because we know it's not like her.  After the last weekend being out of town though, she kind of got used to sleeping with me, and with DP not having seen her in so long, we have been putting her to sleep with us. 

Well folks, we made our bed and now we have to lie in it. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014


There are many.  When we were taking pictures in the church, for one of the last ones Tyler announced a picture for "anyone who is Trini, or married to a Trini." 

Claire was a gem at the reception, being her usual Claire-self.  I don't know what that means - cute but a tad wicked?  Eating all the snacks? 

I love this picture of my parents, but I kind of feel like I don't even know them.  Why is my Dad so hipster/who picked out this outfit?  Also, that's a lot of sparkle for a Granny.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Chelsea Weds Tyler

And I missed the entire thing. 

We woke up around 8:30 on the day of the wedding.  I loved having slept in, our hotel room was dark and my baby was nestled sweetly into my neck for the most of the night.  We had a leisurely breakfast of cereal and toast (she's a carbs girl like her mum) and then got ready to go to the church.  Check our her manicure and jewelry.

Everyone ooh'd and ah'd over her, in her pretty dress, with her pretty headband, and Claire seemed to be eating it up.  She really did look like a pretty little doll. 

But then when we lined up in the church basement, Claire wouldn't stand in line.  Okay, so I carried her.  We were both sweating immensely because Canada doesn't believe in air conditioning, and I was pleading with her to just please, stand next to your partner and hold hands nicely.  But she wouldn't.  Where were my M&Ms when I really needed them?  And I guess my asking her was pissing her off because this is the point where she completely lost it on me and smacked me in the face.  I was stunned, she'd never hit me before, and I was embarassed and sad for the both of us.  I could tell she was shocked too because she froze waiting on my reaction.  The bridesmaids and other flower girls had all walked down the aisle, and the beautiful bride, who I felt SO SORRY for, asked if I wanted to walk Claire myself.  But of course I said no, that's crazy talk, so I told her to just go ahead and we'd take our seats when Claire calmed down.

But she never did.  She got out of my grip and threw herself on the ground.  Thank goodness there were bagpipes to drown out the crying, I really appreciated that kilted man.  I stood with her outside the church and that's where we stayed, with Claire crying and screaming, "No flower girl!  No pretty flower girl!" and me on the verge of tears.  And oh man, both of us sweating buckets.  And trying to wrangle her when I don't even know what she wanted.  She didn't want me to carry her and she didn't want to be on her feet. 

90s kids will understand when I saw Claire was one of these things.

And then an usher came and asked us if we wanted to wait in the church basement because everyone could hear Claire throwing a tantrum.  But no, I was not going to wait in the church basement, which ironically felt like the fiery depths of hell with how hot it was in there.  I wanted to crawl in a hole.

But even though it felt like hours, the ceremony was short and sweet, and I could see the bride and groom kiss from our position across the parking lot.  Kinda.  So of course, this is when Claire finally calmed down and even posed for some pictures, then sat quietly at the church reception eating her cheese plate and chugging lemonade. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Claire had a playdate with her cousins on Friday.  And it was probably THEE most adorable situation I've ever been in.  We were the first ones there, and after like 5 seconds, Claire and Adley were the best of buddies.  They put on a show of Twinkle Twinkle.  And they literally chased each other from room to room, at the end collapsing on a bed in a fit of giggles.  They played in a tent, and I could hear them talking and laughing, but when I peaked in they just stopped.  It was really precious.

Then my nephews came and of course we made them all pose for pictures because it's not like we have unrealistic expectations that 4 babies would sit still and look at the camera, or anything.  Look at these cute cousins!

We grilled some burgers and chilled in my cousin's backyard.  It was so serene.  All the kids became little crying monsters at one point or another due to lack of nap, but even then, it was nice to sit around with our children playing at our feet and having actual normal adult conversation.  I just kept thinking, ok, these are my people.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Indian Night

It wasn't really, but Claire didn't know that. 

My aunt and uncle hosted a dinner for the out-of-town guests of the wedding.  She made 4 giant lasagnas, it was fantastic.  I'm pretty sure I filled up on appies before hitting the bar though, isn't that what always ends up happening? 

And Claire was a total trouble-maker.  She was constantly getting into stuff, swinging on stuff, wanting her bangles but not to wear omg, posing silly for pictures, and patronizing the bar when she's SO CLEARLY a minor.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Rehearsal

We left for Vancouver on Wednesday, and it was the first time Claire had her own seat on the plane.  And man, what a great idea that was!  I took activities she could do sitting down, which meant play-doh everywhere, but whatever, she was relatively quiet. 

Air Travel like a boss.

As soon as we got in, we had the wedding rehearsal.  Claire was one of 5 flower girls and thank goodness she took to the others immediately. 

It was tough entering the church that day, I hadn't been there since my beloved grandfather's funeral 10 years ago.  But my cousin and his future wife met in Youth Group at that particular church so it makes sense they'd have the ceremony there, and I was actually excited to have the place be a source of happy memories again. 

The rehearsal dinner was at a brew pub and the food is amazing.  Claire was a total treat and I loved getting to dress up and spend time with her.  Something about a wedding just makes me feel feelings.  And want to love on people.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'll Be Back in a Week

My kid came home with a black eye.  She did it to herself too, so I couldn't even be mad.

She waited for me while I got my hair cut.  Acting like a big girl.  This was immediately before she threw all of the magazines on the ground, threw herself on the ground, and then took all the product bottles off the shelf in the waiting area. 

We are going to Vancouver for a week, for my cousin's wedding.  Claire is going to be a flower girl and has a long white dress and new shoes.  So I'll leave my faithful reader(s) with some pictures to tide you over until I can get home and post about the wedding.  As if you needed proof at how "cool" Claire is...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Growth Spurt

So Claire slept until 10:30am on both days last weekend.  And despite her sleeping in so late, after her dinner and bath on Sunday she passed out in my arms at 4:30pm.  And she never falls asleep in my arms.  When I went to wake her up this morning, she woke up tall and lean.  Like someone had replaced my stocky baby. 

A growth spurt has to explain all the sleeping, the eating me out of house and home, and the tantrum she threw this weekend right?  My little girl.

And for good measure, just to show off how cool she thinks she is.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Terrible Twos

Look at this two-year-old.

At the pool on Saturday, after about a solid 2 hours, Claire proceeded to have the Mother of all Meltdowns. 

It came out of nowhere and I didn't know what to do.  She just started screaming and crying about her towel.  I feel like she wanted me to wrap it around her but I couldn't fully understand her shrieking, then when I wrapped it around her she got pissed and took it off, throwing it on the ground.  So I said, "Claire, you can't throw your towel on the ground because the ground is wet and it will get dirty."  WHAT IS THAT PARENTING TECHNIQUE?  I quickly realized I was trying to reason with a two-year-old who was laying face down, pounding her fists on the filthy ground anyway.  So I picked her up, wrapped the towel around her, and carried a wriggling, freaking out toddler across the whole pool deck and out of the area.  She broke free about 5 feet into the casino and immediately started flailing about, screaming at me, throwing her towel (and herself) on the ground.  Who was this horrible person?  People were staring at us.  I managed to wrangle her again (wet babies are slippery little buggers) and again had to carry her kicking and screaming, this time through the whole casino floor and up the elevator to our room.  She was soaking wet and in a soggy diaper, and I had to literally pin her down to get everything off.  And she was sooooooooo pissed.  She kept trying to put her swimsuit back on and her swim diaper, that I had ripped the sides of to get off of her, but obviously she couldn't and was getting increasingly aggravated.  And mean.

My patience was wearing thin and the kids were staring at me, silently judging my ability to handle my baby.  I luckily had a spare paci in my purse (Godsend, I never keep spares) so I told Claire I would give her a paci if she sat down nicely.  And she did.  Just got right into Granny's bed with it, and started smiling and chattering at me like she wasn't just possessed by an evil demon for the past 30 minutes.

Ramses asked me if he had ever behaved that way when he was 2 and I had to be honest.  I had never experienced anything like that in my entire life. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Golden Nugget

My parents and the kids were on a staycation downtown and so on Saturday we joined them for a swim day.  Claire was so excited for swimming in the pool.

We had lunch on Fremont Street first because they have really good street food.  I had 3 chicken tacos and Claire mowed down all my beans and rice, which was a lot.  And probably half of a taco.  She's been eating a ton lately and I'm so happy about that, but also can't afford it.  (On our way there yesterday she ate a whole McDonald's cheeseburger and small fries.)  After lunch we hit up the Golden Nugget pool.  It has a giant waterslide that goes through a shark tank.  So basically, it is the best thing ever.

I took Claire swimming and as soon as she got used to the water, she kept trying to get me to let go of her.  It's probably time to get her some floaties.  I wanted to take her down the slide but the attendant told me we couldn't ride together, I would have to go down first, then she could come down and I would catch her at the bottom.  No thanks.  The kids wouldn't go either because they are scared of virtually everything.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Abbey Road

My parents took the kids to Container Park on Friday, so Claire and I dropped DP to work and met up with them.  There was a one-man band playing live music and he was pretty impressive.  He would play the violin and record it, then play the recording on a loop to accompany his guitar and vocals. 

We sat on the lawn and listened to the music, I had a couple glasses of prosecco, and the kids drew on the chalkboard wall and played on the big treehouse.

We went for a walk and ran into an "Abbey Road" the city had painted on Fremont Street, in honour of the Beatles' 50th Anniversary.  I guess the Beatles had played Vegas a couple of times, who knew?  My mom was excited and I think the kids just like it when I ask them to do silly things.