Friday, September 5, 2014

Go Pack Go

Football officially started yesterday and there is a Halloween aisle in my grocery store.  If it wasn't One Hundred Degrees I would think it was fall.  Anyway, so we celebrated "it's almost fall" by going to Buffalo Wild Wings. 

Conveniently it was Happy Hour, so I got a tall draught Bud Light which Claire kept cheers-ing with her Hawaiian Punch.  A manager came over and asked me if I was waiting for anyone else (I assume he meant a husband) and I was like, "No, I just came for a beer and some football with my kid."  Geez. 

Who brings a baby to a bar?!

Claire cried at drop-off every day this week.  It's funny because she usually talks and sings all the way to school, then as soon as I pull in the parking she starts with "No school mummy.  No Celia!  No kids!"  She cries 3/5 days.  Today she cried all the way to school because we left her paci at home and because she wanted to go to the park (what the heck, Claire?) but then when we got to school she happily went with Ms. Cecilia and like, waved me out of the room.  She's so contrary lately.

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