Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chuck E. Cheese

I crossed over to the dark side.  I would wrinkle my nose at my mother-in-law every year that Fiori had a birthday party there.  And she would laugh and say, "Just you wait."  I would be like, "Oh hell no. Screaming kids.  Germs.  Never!"  It was my own personal hell and I was very vocal about it.  But now I realize this is one of those wait until you have kids of your own things.

Claire was more interested in the other kids than in Chuck E.  And her favourite game was coincidentally the only game that didn't spit out tickets.  But she had fun and it was kind of cheap date night.  I got the $20 value combo which included a one-topping pizza, 2 fountain drinks, and 15 tokens.  And we honestly had a tough time even using all the tokens.  Plus they stamp you at the door so you can't leave with anyone but your own kid, it's very safe. I had no problems sitting in the booth enjoying my hot pizza while Claire explored the play area on her own.  I had to force her to take 2 bites of pizza the whole time we were there but we both had lunch for the next day so I didn't care.

I think the biggest mistake I made though, was not preparing her for the movement of the car she was so excited to ride in.  And it was the first thing she did.  So she was a tad jumpy after that and didn't want to put any of the tokens in the games herself.

But fret not, she got over it.  And her favourite song came on the radio as we were leaving.  She was exhausted but managed a lazy-man's fistpump.

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