Sunday, August 31, 2014


Claire slept in our bed from the first day she came home from the hospital, despite co-sleeping being something "I'd never do" and really didn't want to set the precedent.  (Famous last words.)  We both loved having her with us, and remember how we never put her down for the first 3 months of her life?  It only made sense that we wouldn't put her down to sleep either.  She napped on us during the day so why couldn't she sleep on us at night?  It was a lovely time and I missed it long after she stopped.

It was sometime after 3 months, that she decided she couldn't deal anymore and I had to put her in her crib.  She became enthralled with her bed and had the best sleep there, sleeping thru the night almost instantly.  She wouldn't sleep at her grand-parents, in the pack n play, or in our bed anymore.  Sometimes we tried it but would wake up to her staring at us.  Or after she could walk, she would just get off and go back to her room.  There were times when I tried to rock her to sleep, and she would point to her crib and tell me, "Night-night," meaning "put me in my damn crib."  People told us we were lucky.

But DP and I longed for a time when Claire would want to sleep with us, cuddle us again.  We both ended up working full time, and with her in daycare and crashing almost immediately after we all got home, we just missed her.  Lately she had been giving us trouble going to bed, wanting to be rocked or wanting to "lay down with daddy/mummy" in our bed.  We thought it was a phase because we know it's not like her.  After the last weekend being out of town though, she kind of got used to sleeping with me, and with DP not having seen her in so long, we have been putting her to sleep with us. 

Well folks, we made our bed and now we have to lie in it. 

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