Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Halloween Decorations

On Sunday morning before football started, I wanted to pick up some Halloween decorations to get in the spirit of fall.  I have always decorated but it's always been my mother's house.  Even last year, I decorated her apartment because they already had cool stuff.  So this year I decided enough was enough and I need to start a collection of my own Halloween things.  So of course, the first stop was for slurpees.

The second stop was the 99 Cents Store and the third was Walmart.  Fourth stop was the liquor store.  Naturally.  Where the kids had to sit down with Mr. Jack Daniels himself.

My little bar-top (I don't have a mantle) turned out pretty cute.  When you take little girls to pick out décor, everything is covered in glitter.  Ramses picked out some creepy skeletons though.  And the kids each got to buy their own little real pumpkins.


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