Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Claire was invited to a birthday party on Saturday, and while I try to make a habit of NOT posting pictures of other people/other people's kids, I just have to post a pic of Lorenzo.  He turned a year old and is completely smiley and adorable.  His parents are kind of good-looking too.  You know how in People Magazine and such, they post photos of celebrities doing normal things like taking their kids to school or shopping at Target?  They are obviously regular people but still look better than regular folks, and that's what these people look like.  Also hello, that cake!

Claire's bff Julian was there, and they played together a ton.  She had a blast.

On Sunday, it was my turn.  I dropped my kid off at my parents and went to SouthPoint to watch the first regular-season Niners game.  I usually watch at my parents but this time, I wanted to watch with DP since we are so limited in our time together. 

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