Monday, September 15, 2014

Tournament of Kings

On the day of DP's actual birthday, I came home from work early with a cupcake and fully intended for him to have some "quality time" with Claire while I went to bed early.  But it turns out we had plans with my mother in law for dinner.  Poor DP had gotten whatever it was that I had, and my mother in law too, but being the troopers we were, went out for tapas anyway.  Claire and Fiori were the only healthy ones, so they ate food (I couldn't taste anything) and had a good time.

DP had a test on Thursday, so I planned his birthday dinner for after that.  I got us tickets to the Tournament of Kings - a live jousting dinner show.  He told me when he was little he used to love going to Medieval Times which (I think) is a similar concept.  I don't know, but you eat with your hands!  Of course the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, and I had to use another sick day to go to the urgent care.  Where they gave me a breathing treatment and a doctor's note to take off the rest of the week.  I could barely breathe and my chest felt like it was caving in.  And the mucus, oh Lord the mucus.  But again, we persevered and took Claire to the show.

I love how they make you walk through the whole casino and down through the midway arcade to get to the showroom.  I'm just glad Claire is young enough to not understand the deal with the games.  She thought it was cool just to touch stuff.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the show as well.  We sat in stadium type seating and they brought our food out right away, which I appreciated.  The rules stated no photography so I snapped a few pics before it started of the arena.  We thought Claire would either get tired and bored or be scared of the loud noises/horses/fire effects and we couldn't have been more wrong.  She loved it, and sat and watched the whole thing from beginning to end.  She even participated in all the crowd cheers (huzzah!) and applause. 

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