Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Where We're At

Claire is 25 months, which means I need to stop thinking of her age in terms of months.

I've mentioned before how she sleeps with us now.  We like it, even though it makes bedtime harder because I can't just throw her in her room and shut the door.  One of us has to actually lay down with her until she falls asleep.  It's kind of annoying, but the alternative would be for her to go to bed when we do, and well, we need time to decompress on evenings so that won't work for me.  I'd rather just put in the work to get her to fall asleep. Sometimes, like last night, she wouldn't without a fight.  She just talks and talks and talks my ear off and either I end up passing out or I end up leaving the room while she cries for me.  A couple of times she has laid down on the floor just inside the door and fallen asleep. 

I changed my work schedule from 7-3:30 (which I loved) to 8-4:30 (which feels like I'm working so late) in order to accommodate Claire, and give her more time on mornings. Now she gets up on her own and will always come snuggle me.  It's not a bad way to wake up I tell ya.  We get to lay around for a bit, then we can take our time brushing teeth/doing hair/getting dressed and not be in such a rush.  We even eat our cereal together at the table like regular people. 

As soon as we get in the car to go to school, she is yelling at us to "Buckle UP!" What is she, the police?  Then she quizzes us about where we're going after she gets dropped off, lest we are planning to have a fun day without her.  "Daddy works P.H.  Mummy works library."  Today she asked about Granny and Gramps, so I said, "Granny works in San Diego and Gramps is retired."  So she said, "Gramps go to sleep, lay down with Gramps."  It was funny but maybe you had to be there.  Unintentional toddler humour.  (Retired?)

Her school is blocks away from my work, so I am always the dropper and picker-upper.  When I go get her at 4:30, she runs to me like she hasn't seen me in 5 days, smothering me with hugs and kisses.  Then all the other kids try to do that too, which makes Claire mad.  She is always starving after school (and I am too) so she and I have dinner immediately.  Either leftovers or something I can easily cook/heat up.  If we have to stop somewhere or run errands, we get food on the road.  She is a beast when she's hungry, it must be a genetic trait.  I make her lunch while she finishes dinner and makes a mess with her toys.  She has been taking sandwiches lately, which makes our lives infinitely easier since it's what DP and I take for lunch also.  The school is supposed to provide snacks but it's usually like 2 crackers or a small bit of fruit, so I send her a couple of things I know she likes and will eat.  Yogurt is her favourite, or I do some combo of grapes/cheese cubes/chicken pieces/avocado.

DP and I sometimes trade off bath and bedtime, but usually it's the both of us doing it together unless he is at work.  Claire is lucky to get so much attention I think, so no wonder she doesn't want to go to bed without us anymore. 

Author Note: This is officially the most boring blog post I've ever written, so hope you enjoyed reading the mundane weekday details of our life.  I guess I'm out to prove that our family isn't just all flights out of the country and beach days. 

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