Friday, October 31, 2014

Cold Weather Fun

We turned off the a/c and opened the windows!  It's finally feeling like fall.  And I dug out our hoodies too.  Here we are wearing them with shorts but it's okay.

On Sunday morning when Claire and I came downstairs and I put on the tv, she sat on her dad's recliner with breakfast and started chanting, "Rebels...Rebels...Rebels."  It was so cute I didn't have the heart to tell her that we were watching the NFL.  She's learn the difference in time.  Later on she was shouting something at the tv that sounded like "Go Niners!" so, um...yeah, that's what she said. 

I wanted some cold weather food.  We have been having a lot of pasta and I even baked a chicken and potato dish that my mom used to make when I was little.  So this weekend I made fried chicken for the first time and it turned out okay. 

The Boys & Girls Club in our neighbourhood put on a "trunk or treat" for the kids.  So Fiori took Claire around to get candy and it was most adorable thing ever.  Claire was a little unsure but it was good practice for the real thing.  She either refused, or whispered, her "trick or treat" to everyone.  I love these two. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

PINK Scarlet & Gray

When I was at work yesterday, DP messaged me this photo.

I think I messaged him back something like, "OMGOMGOMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!"  Yes folks, there was full-blown Victoria's Secret event being set up on campus.  He's like, "yeah...I thought you'd say something like that." 

So I picked up Claire and we met him down there.  We found this.

We couldn't get in because Claire doesn't have a student ID, but we hung out across the street for a bit.  Claire really wanted to go into that bouncy house.

I will accept that that part of my life is over now, my V-neck days have long gone.  So I took the opportunity to take some picturess of Claire in front of some Vegas landmarks.

The Hard Rock

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Well That Didn't Last

So for potty training at home, I let Claire have a couple of accidents in her pants.  Okay well not let, but expected and then didn't react negatively.  It was more like, "Oops, accident!  Let's go change."  She learned fast that it sucked.  Plus her dad offered her candy as incentive, so that's how Claire learned to use the potty.

But at school, they use another method.  They ask her every half hour if she needs to potty and then actually put her on there every hour.  Claire started getting pissed so her teachers recommended that we post-pone training since she wasn't ready.  Whatever, I can only imagine how interrupting her playtime every hour with potty time would get on her nerves.  I don't want her to be stressed out about this.

Then she had an accident while my dad was babysitting her.  And not Number One. 

So I will continue to put her in diapers for school and out, while she continues to go commando in the comfort of our own home.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

No More Diapers

We started actively potty training this weekend.  I say "actively" because we had already started getting her used to the idea and she uses the toilet if I ask her, but this weekend we went balls to the wall and removed her diaper completely. 

On Saturday, she had all accidents.  5 of them to be exact.  She always told me when she was peeing or would hobble over to me and let me know her pants were wet.  So I knew she wasn't doing it on purpose, but thought maybe she was too young for this.

That night, right before I put her diaper on for bedtime, her dad told her that if she went potty she could have a candy.  She seemed to like that idea, and immediately went.  So on Sunday morning, mid-breakfast, Claire said to me, "want candy Mummy.  I go potty."  So I put her on it and what do ya know?  She peed and I had to give her a piece of candy.  To eat with her eggs.  So it was a good idea in theory, but I'm going to switch to a sticker chart for incentive instead of the candy.

On Sunday, she had 0 accidents! Told me every single time she had to go.

So on Monday I sent her to school in underwear, with 4 extra pairs of pants.  Just in case.  I called at 9:30 to check on her and her teacher told me she hadn't had an accident, so that's like seriously good news.  I predict a few (if she has to go while she's engaged in an activity) before she realizes she doesn't want to sit in wet pants.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Big Reveal

Claire was SO excited to put her pumpkin outside.  But then when I asked her to stand next to it for a picture, this is what she did.  (Why was she giving me attitude?)

Anyway, she snapped out of it fast.  How can you not when you have this fantastic jack o'lantern on your front walk?  She kept hugging it and talking to it.  "Hi Pumpkin!"

Claire had passed out early on Sunday, in the car actually, but I couldn't resist getting her up after it got dark so we could light the candle for her. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

We Carved a Jack O'Lantern

I let Claire draw the "face" on her pumpkin.  Then her dad cut it open it with a very large knife and we took out the guts and seeds.

 She was thoroughly grossed out and would only use a spoon for the innards. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Fall

Claire got her school pictures.  Gigi says she smiles like Elvis.  I totally see it.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

She Hung the Moon

Sometimes in the middle of the night, Claire whispers in her sleep. "Mummy..." and would scoot her butt toward me so that we are touching.  She says it when she's happy too, when we're playing.  She'll just stop and look deep into my eyes, and say "Mummy!" It's so expressive, that one word.  It's half endearing and half uncomfortable because it feels like she can see something that isn't there.  Whatever she thinks I am. 

Except that she's so much better than me.  I was an awkward child, nervous and shy, and funny looking.  Claire is so adventurous and sure of herself.  And beautiful.  But for some reason, she wants to be just like me.  If I put on boots, she wants to wear boots.  When I shave my legs, she puts her leg up on the ledge in the shower and wants me to do hers too.  At this time in her short little life, she thinks I'm perfect. But it's she who is perfect.  And I just love her so much, to the point that it already breaks my heart.

The other day the kids were over and she wanted to play with them, but they were playing Princess Monopoly.  I try not to be the mother who makes everyone play with her kid, but I was attempting to get dinner in the oven and I told them to humour her for 5 minutes until I could take her upstairs to nap.  So she got up on a chair and sat there quietly, rolled the dice when they told her to, and collected her money like she was supposed to.  I watched her eyes dart back and forth at the game, and the kids, totally confident in her ability.  Completely unaware yet content with just being included.  I wanted to freeze time so she never had to grow into an awkward phase where maybe she doesn't belong somewhere, or worse, feel unwelcome.  She will always belong to me.

One day when she's away at college or I'm dead and gone, someone will ask her what her mom was like.  And all I'd want her to say is that my mom thought I hung the moon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

We Got Our Pumpkin

On Saturday we got in costume and went out to breakfast with DP and Rishi.  Claire thought she was cool because people kept commenting on how cute she was.

Then we picked up all the kids and went to my neighbourhood's annual Fall Festival.  I took the kids last year so they already knew what to expect, and were SO excited.

I took this picture with Gigi and said, "There.  We needed a selfie today."  And she goes, "Well since there are two of us, it's not really a selfie is it?"  Okay smartass. 

There were a ton of people there so the kids only really got to go into 2 or 3 bounce houses.  That bummed them out a bit.  But I did get Claire a pumpkin, and obligatory pumpkin patch pictures that turned out okay.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I don't know how long Claire is going to let me dress her as Spiderman for Halloween.  DP was already trying to talk her into being a "scary monster" which she loves the idea of, but still told him, "No, I'm Fidey."  Ah, brainwashing.




Monday, October 20, 2014

My Little Monster

On Thursday I took Claire to the party store.  She is so excited about Halloween so I thought it would be fun.  Which it was, and she tried on all the hats.

On the way home I figured it would be a good time to tell her about what Halloween actually is.  "We go to the neighbours' and knock on the door, say trick-or-treat, and they give us candy."  She was impressed.  But when we got home, she got in a fight with me about going into the house because she wanted to go to next door.  I couldn't explain to her that Halloween was still 2 weeks away (oops) so I told her she has to wait to wear her costume and she seemed okay with that.

On Friday Claire had an appointment for her flu shot.  We had talked it up that morning so she was SO excited to go to the doctor and get her shot.  Poor thing, but it was cute.  She was actually pretty good too.  We scheduled it so we could do her 2-year appointment at the same time and she let the doctor check her everywhere and even stuck out her tongue at his request.  He diagnosed her with an Upper Respiratory Infection and said she needed lots of fluids and rest this weekend.  Yeah right. 

She did okay with her shot.  I think it freaked her out a bit and she knew something was amiss when she laid down, and DP and I crowded around her head so she couldn't look at the nurse.  She cried for a few seconds after the initial prick but then we just focused on the Band-Aid and she was fine.  She didn't present a fever so that was good.

But of course the next morning she woke up with tons of green mucus and a bloody nose from the nasal infection.  DP had she coughed all night but I hadn't noticed.  What luck that we had scheduled our appointment for yesterday so we could get an early diagnosis.