Friday, January 30, 2015

Family Car

DP drove me to work this morning because he was going to take care of the registration on my new car.  I told him I was thinking about giving up my personalized UNLV alumni license plates.  I was kind of sad because I've had them for 10 years but it doesn't look as cool when it's not one a zippy little convertible or fiery red hatchback.  I would look like I'm trying to hard.  And I kind of don't want Claire driving around in the Rebel Mobile, encouraging her to reject societal norms, or like, the law.

So I guess I'll just have a regular old family car.  DP quickly suggested we get stick figure decals for the back window.  I glared at him and he laughed and laughed.  Well I'll show him.  When I actually order these for the back of my car.  Then we'll see who's laughing.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


When Claire had a fever last week she was whiny and annoying, but I basically catered to her every whim because...she's my baby and she was sick.  But now that she's not sick anymore, the whininess carried on.  I'm afraid I may have created a monster.

Yesterday morning when she was eating her breakfast (soft boiled egg and toast strips that I made especially for her as a breakfast treat) she started in with the whining.  She had spilled some yolk onto her plate (oh the injustice) and she was freaking out.  And I told her to stop, to just ask me for whatever she wanted nicely, but she just kept on with the crybaby antics.  Finally I had it, gave her a growling, and carried her into the car and we left for school.  She cried and cried for 2 blocks then fell asleep.  I felt SO awful and couldn't stop thinking about her all day.

When I went to pick her up though, the instructor from her dance class had put up a photo collage of the kids.  Look at my little cutiepie doing gymnastics!

She was in a great mood and being sweet, so I know she didn't hold a grudge.  But I still took her to Smith's and bought her a giant frosted cookie, because all good mothers assuage their guilt with sugary snacks.  This is the truth.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bedroom: After

Before Christmas DP had notified his last job that he was leaving because he had an opportunity out of state, but that ended up not being the direction he went, thankfully.  It was during the slow season for Vegas and while they said he could stay on, he was given way less hours.  But he finished his degree in December and can finally get a legit grownup job, so he's in kind of a good (but scary) transition period.  Being home so much, he was able to keep Claire with him the entire week of her being sick.  It was a huge help, because being at work and either not knowing when daycare is going to call you to come get your kid, or having to take the time off work, or just worrying about her well-being if someone else is taking care of her, is very stressful for a working mother. We were privileged to be in that situation, I don't know what we would have done otherwise. Especially when her fever went up to 103.8 and we panicked.

On evenings when I got home, we would switch off and Claire became MY cranky, whiney baby. She wouldn't get off my hip so we did a lot of fast food or fried egg dinners and I'd put her to bed and fall asleep there. Of course she tossed and turned all night but I just felt so sorry for her and couldn't leave her alone. It did however, give me a chance to finish her room since we were spending so much time in it. I bought her a couple of pillows that she picked out herself, and moved her clothes and laundry hamper on in. Basically prior to this, because she slept in our bed, I had everything I needed for her in our room and just got her ready in there on mornings. I was really tired of sharing all my spaces with her and she had crap in all 3 rooms of our 3-bedroom house. Her own playroom, her bed in the guestroom, and she (and all her stuff) lived in our room.

I left her actual dresser in the playroom because it's just more of a lamp stand and storage for off-season clothing.  We use her old change table as her dresser and her clothes go into baskets. I even put Sully's bed on the bottom shelf and keep blankets on the middle. I think she likes her room now that all her stuff is there and it feels like hers.

I bought her her own toothpaste and body wash for her own bathroom so she could take brush her teeth and take baths in there, and God-willing, I could sometimes brush my teeth and take a shower by myself.  It's been working so far.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Day At the Park

The weather warmed up to 70 degrees this weekend.  It's unusual for mid-January, even for us.  So naturally we took advantage and spent it all outside.  Plus I'm still in the honeymoon phase with my new car and I feel really cool when I'm on the road, so I've been proposing we take a lot of "drives" anyway.

My mom was having some kind of Trinidadian people meet & greet downtown, so she dragged Claire and I along.  What's the use in meeting other Trinis if you can't show off your daughter and grand-daughter, amirite?  Claire and I were MORE than happy to oblige.  I think after being sick and home all week, she could use the Vitamin D too.

Monday, January 26, 2015

They Say It's Your Birthday

DP came home with 2 bottles of champagne one day last week so I knew my birthday was coming up, but with Claire being so sick and our routine being out of whack, it still kind of crept up on me.  And the morning of, Claire refused to tell me Happy Birthday.  She did however, sing "happy birthday to Claire" so I'll take what I can get. 

We went to get 2 dozen doughnuts for me to take to work, and they said they don't make crullers anymore.  What the hell does that even mean?  Everyone knows French Crullers are the best damn doughnut there is and the whole point of me buying 24 doughnuts for my workmates every year on my birthday.  So I got a dozen plain and a dozen baker's choice, let Claire pick one out and wouldn't you know that she picked the one with blue/green frosting.  This is obviously a nod to a Seahawks impending win on Sunday.  You heard it here first folks.

I requested my mom's Macaroni Pie so we went to my parents' for dinner. She makes the best macaroni and cheese in the entire world and I would have been happy with just that, but she made some other good stuff too.  And the kids made me a cake, which they dug into before dinner, and then which they all face-planted into.

I don't know what's up with Claire's ponytail.  I made a perfectly sweet one but she tugs at it all the time and this night it ended up on the side.  She looks so 80s chic. 

After dinner we went to play pool and have beers.  It was a good birthday.

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Playroom

I have only posted pictures of the playroom when it's tidy, and that's very rare, so I thought I'd post a picture of what it usually looks like in there. The kids are basically allowed to do whatever they want, sometimes I tell them to tidy up but I like just being able to shut the door. I go in and put everything back in bins about once a week or so. 

Claire has one sock on and just got busted throwing all her alphabet magnets into the air like confetti.  Her ride-on cars were pushed down the stairs so it's refreshing for me to see this much of the carpet, I guess I'll take what I can get.

She's been home sick this entire week with a fever and bad cough.  We finally took her to the doctor on Wednesday when it took a turn for the worst, and we got confirmation that it wasn't the flu, just a really aggressive cold.  Poor thing is such a sad sack.

Well she was...until Gigi came over last night.  Then it was like she was never sick at all.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Big Girl Room

I ordered Claire some new bedding to entice her to sleep in her own room.  And of course, Sully needed a bed of his own too.  Claire sleeps on a Spider-man cushion so I knew she'd be okay sharing her pillowcases, I just cut up a foam pad and shoved it in the extra one. Instead of the matching comforter, I ordered her a little Monsters, Inc. blanket that hasn't arrived yet.  The backside of the Spider-man comforter that was in that room before is blue and purple so we're okay using that to cover the bed for now.

This used to the be the guestroom so it was pretty bare to begin with, save for Claire's artwork I haphazardly hung on the walls.  The dresser has a drawer each for Gigi, Ramses, and Fiori, and I left that as is, but then I brought it some books and puzzles that matched the colour scheme of the room for the standing shelf.

For the first night, I had a plan.  We talked up her new sheets, set it up together, and all of us spent time in there hanging out during the day.

So at bedtime, I tucked her in and I told her she had to sleep in there.  She seemed okay with it, and I waited outside the door.  Then for the next hour and 28 minutes, she was in and out.  "Mummy LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN."  Okay Claire.  "Mummy...(kiss)...goodnight."  Goodnight Claire.  "Mummy (crying) I'll listen.  I'll listen mummy!"  Go to bed!  And on and on and on.  Potty...water...hug...kiss.  I stayed consistent though and didn't waver.  She finally fell asleep, probably crying poor thing, and I wondered how long it was going to take for this to stick.  I even texted my mom at the 45 minute mark and she told me not to worry, that Claire will get used to it.

For the second night, I brought a rocking chair in there and after tucking her in, I sat down in it to try and diffuse the in & out shenanigans from yesterday.  She yelled at me, "Mummy don't sit there.  Go out mummy."  And so I left and that was the last I heard from her.

Kids man. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nissan Rogue

I asked my dad to come with us to look at a car, and to co-sign on the loan for me.  I really liked the Kia Sorento, and DP had done all the leg-work researching and bringing down the price for me while I was at work and stressing out about the Rabbit.  The console and driver features were really cool, and similar to a Volkswagen.  But being that this Nissan Rogue was newer (2013) and had only 15,000 miles on it, my dad and DP suggested I get that instead.  And my only stipulation was that the car be red, because I am mature in that way, so I was like, "okay fine whatever."  I wasn't too thrilled about having to get a family-type car in the first place.

So when we decided on the Rogue, DP was convinced he could talk them down on price, so he put his mouthpiece to good use and the two salesmen went back & forth with DP and my dad for what seemed like forever.  And I'm pretty sure I got my car at cost plus 3 free oil changes.  Hey, anything helps!  I always knew DP was good at that sort of thing but I'd never really seen him action before, and was rather impressed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mismatched Day

It's like Spirit Week, every day is a different theme for the kids to dress up for school.  Like silly sock day, neon day, etc.  So yesterday was mismatched day and I put Claire in floral on floral.  She was pretty cute.  After school Gigi gave her a makeover and then I had to pretend to take pictures of Claire with the kids in the background, because they are far to cool to pose for pictures for me anymore.

She stayed home sick today so missed out on crazy hat day.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Screen Time

We are pretty liberal with Claire's screen time.  I load a lot of educational games on there, limit the princess crap, and Claire is pretty good about putting it up when I tell her too, so we don't feel the need to set a timer.  Plus she knows her colours and can count to 23ish.  Does that even matter?  I don't know, it seems relevant.  If she starts to zone out or get violent, we might have to have rules, but we just aren't there yet. 

I had stayed up late watching Friday Night Lights on my phone, and Claire was next to me on her iPad.  She was watching 101 Dalmatians on YouTube. 

But you all know how YouTube is, it's pretty easy to get sucked down the wormhole.  So Claire somehow discovered a series of videos of this lady talking about toys.  There was one where little toys were inside little Easter eggs, and then covered in play doh, and the lady just opens them all.  It's mesmerizing and also the most bizarre thing ever.  Her voice is soothing and she makes little jokes, and basically just talks about these random toys.  And possibly contains subliminal messages. 

I'm still not sure how I feel about it yet.  What do you guys think?  YouTube

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend

Claire calls Sully either Doggie or Buddy.  She loves him so much.  And I'm not gonna lie, I kind of do too.  It's hard to keep these veins ice-cold when I've got a sweet girl and lovable boy.  (Ugh, I'm turning into one of those people, aren't I?)