Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Ten Year Old

Gigi turned 10, a pretty big milestone.  She asked me to make the cake for her birthday party on Friday afternoon, and her only request was that it be teal.  I went and bought some cool sugar strips to decorate the cake in a teal animal print, it was SO pre-teen.   The inside was two layers of light teal and dark teal cake.  I took the day off work to bake the cakes, cover it with frosting, and make a special banner.

No, that's a lie, I actually took the day off because DP was having knee surgery but whatever, I was going to be at home doing nothing anyway.  (By the way, the surgery went well and DP is feeling surprisingly good.  I asked him if he wanted to stay home and he said no, that there's no way he would miss the birthday party.  Awwww.)

But then, on the way to SkyZone for the party, the entire cake collapsed on itself.  I was near tears watching little chunks break off piece by piece with every bump in the road.  I should have made the cakes the night before so it wasn't so fresh when I put 6 pounds of frosting on it.  For real, I used 3 cans of frosting and 2 extra tubes to make the star detail.  They had a backup cake that someone else had brought and Gigi said my cake was delicious anyway, so I guess that's really what matters.

DP (or Funcle as she likes to call him when he does stuff for her) gets Gigi a piñata for her birthday every year.  She tells the other kids it's because she's the oldest, but I really think she believes she's his favourite.  I think each of the kids think they're his fave.  Anyway, he couldn't do the piñata party this weekend with having his surgery plus 2 birthday parties, so we told her we'd postpone it until things could settle down.

My birthday present to her is a trip to the American Girl store in L.A. when school is out. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

She Won't. Stop. Talking

My kid is a talker.  And she wants to tell me every feeling, every thought, I swear she talks just to hear her own voice.  Sometimes she talks to see how stupid her dad and I are.  Like on Thursday when we picked up DP from work, he gets in the car and she's like, "Daddy, how do you say 'sit down'?"  So he's like, "Um...sit down?"  And she's all, "No.  In Spanish."  Okay so you know simple words in Spanish, good for you. 

Last Wednesday I got a call at work, from Claire's school.  I had no idea the level of panic that comes with seeing the daycare phone number on my caller ID until I had a kid, but I actually died and was heading toward the light for a split second before I answered.  Thank God it was only because Claire had bent down to pull up her pants and busted her forehead open on the metal part of the toilet paper holder.  They made sure to add in the fact that Claire was fine, it barely fazed her at all.  "She's so tough." 

Claire was proud of her owie and when we went home I slapped a Princess Jasmine Band-Aid on there.  She was thrilled.  This morning after our shower I switched it out for Cinderella, and Claire insisted on checking it out in my camera phone.  I took the opportunity to snap pics because she was making these hilarious faces.  Such a goofball.

Friday, March 27, 2015

I Woke Up Like This

I mean, I woke up TO this.  From my nap on Saturday.  The Lego dog killed me. 

(No, seriously.  It almost killed me when I rolled over onto it.)

But, it was better than waking up to this last Saturday.  That's my lipstick all over her face and shirt.  And that's pizza she's eating in my bed.

As Claire would say, "What de heck?!" 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Swimsuit Ready

It's almost pool season!  I started taking Claire to the community center so she could get used to the water.  She was fine last summer, but you know kids, they act like everything is brand new if they haven't seen it in 6 months.  Plus she has to start swimming lessons when she's 3 so I want her used to community center/indoor pool situation anyway. 

She did okay, but was a little apprehensive, and then I was happy to be introducing her early.  We practiced blowing bubbles and holding our breath under water, and I wanted her to jump off the side but she would only do it once.  We've got a long way to go.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


My parents hosted a playdate for Claire and Julian on Friday.  We very well could have just dropped them off, I swear the kids didn't need their parents there except to keep the juice boxes and fruit snacks coming.  Who knew Claire could play so nicely?

Here is Julian giving Claire a dose of medicine, they both love to play sick.  Julian's parents were telling me how he always asks to go the doctor, and Claire does too.  It's the weirdest thing.  Claire let me do her braids before school and I was surprised to see that they had really held up until the end of the day.  Even thru naptime.  I missed her signature pigtails though, I don't know if I'm ready for all this change. 

Once Gigi caught wind of our planned playdate, she made sure she was there to help.  To "supervise" she said.  The little ones loved it because they could give her a lobotomy. 

I loved it because in true Gramps' fashion, he made Caesar salad with sliced avocado and my mom just casually threw a salmon in the oven.  How can I make this a weekly thing?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Teeny tiny ones!  Claire let me put her hair in braids and she looked adorable.  Also, check her outfit for a visit to the "chicken farm" with Nana.  I wish I had cowboy boots, but it was already 85 degrees so that probably wouldn't have been practical anyway.

Monday, March 23, 2015

#1 Stunna

Last week DP came home from work waving a 3-page list of names in my face.  It was the entire sales team in his group, and he was beaming because his name was at the top.  His group is only all of Southern Nevada.  And the list comes out every two weeks, so that means he was the number one salesman in his first two weeks on the job!  Lucky for us, the incentives for doing well are cash money.  Of course to bring his head back down out of the clouds, I told him that he peaked too soon and it's only downhill from here.  'Supportive Wife' is a title I take seriously.

For real though, I don't think I could have been more proud.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Leprechaun Strikes

My dad went to San Diego and my mother-in-law is sick, so I had all the kids over on a random Tuesday.  Coincidentally, it was the exact day a pesky little leprechaun came to wreak havoc in my house.  When the kids sat down to dinner, and I asked Ramses to grab the milk, the bewilderment on their little faces was priceless.  (Except for Claire, she is in her own little world.)  But seriously...green milk!

Of course they couldn't take one nice picture.  That would probably have killed them. 

The kids were really good and only complained 3 times about their dinner.  Gigi didn't want to eat pizza because cheese bothers her tummy, but she chose mozzarella sticks as her side.  I didn't have the heart to tell her they were made of cheese, I was just glad she was eating something.  Fiori said the boneless wings I made them were too spicy, she's my picky eater so I wasn't surprised, but then she only at half of one slice of pizza. 

These kids would survive on air I tell ya. 

After dinner the baby wanted to watch a scary movie so I picked Scream thinking it would be tame compared to actual horror.  Okay well that was really wrong. 

Meanwhile the kids had gotten ready for bed on their own and were laying down chit-chatting.  I regretted all the rushing around I had done earlier with orchestrating pick-ups and then treating dinner like it was mealtime in prison.  It ran smoothly considering I had no food and scrambled to put together a nice evening for them.  I take them for granted in that regard, they really are the best kids I can expect them to be.  I told them they could hang out for a bit and it was lights out at 8:30. 

The next morning the kids picked at their cereal, meanwhile Claire ate all of hers and then asked for eggs.  She's prefers a hot breakfast, and I can't blame her because I do too.  Then she proceeded to eat 2 scrambled eggs.  I tried to force the older ones to eat, something, anything, I offered chocolate doughnuts, and they refused.  

What kid refuses chocolate doughnuts?  (Not mine, certainly, she ate half of one.)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Batman Shirt

Claire got a new t-shirt and she loves it, and she calls it her Batman shirt.  There's a shark on it so I don't know what the 'Batman' part is all about.  Batman Man.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lake Las Vegas

On Sunday morning I woke up and went to church, but Claire didn't want to go with me so she stayed home.  Her dad gave her a bath and had her dressed and ready to go so when I got home we could go have some kind of special family day he'd planned.

She's lucky she looks cute in everything!  DP wouldn't tell us where we were going so we piled in the car and headed out, ending up at Lake Las Vegas.  When we walked out and saw this view, Claire screamed "the beach!" and went running down the hill.

We ate lunch at a little Mexican spot on the water and I wished it wasn't Lent so I could have a margarita, guess I'll just have to come back after Easter.  After lunch we went out on a paddleboat and Claire's cheeks got really red really fast because it was so damn hot.


Here's a bonus pic of Claire wearing DP's hat after her cheeks started burning, and a similar one of Fiori taken exactly three years ago (when I was pregnant with Claire) and we had gone boating on Lake Mead.  Pretty sure it's the same hat.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Claire and I went to Babies R Us to get our gift an hour before the shower was supposed to start.  And the whole time Claire was lifting up her shirt and telling me her tummy was broken.  I didn't pay her any mind because she has a pretty vivid imagination, but she kept going on and on.  I was like, "Claire, does your tummy hurt?"  And she'd be like, "NO."  (Like I'm dumb.)  "It's broken."  It only took me 20 minutes of this back and forth before I realized she was telling me that Brooklyn was in her tummy. 

Anyway, the reason I was running so far behind was because I woke feeling motivated and needed to get to the gym.  You can't waste those days because feeling unmotivated happens more often than not, so I took advantage.  Plus I knew my dad was making guacamole for the shower and that's all I could think of running on the treadmill.  It was a co-ed shower but after we arrived, the guys all disappeared.

The first "game" we played was baby bottle bowling.  I won, and then I told Claire that mummy always wins everything.  She was so happy, and she knows I'm right.

Claire sat front and center for the gift opening.  This was because she told everyone that those were "Claire's presents and Broken's presents."  She had gotten Brooklyn a stuffed owl to go with the nursery theme and didn't even try to bring it home with us afterward.

Monday, March 16, 2015

My Team

My husband posted this series of photos on Facebook and I had to post them here too, since I get this printed for Claire and all.  It's cute how much they love each other.

Friday, March 13, 2015

"What de Heck?"

Claire knows she's not allowed to say that, but she says it sometimes anyway.  And she gets a growling, or gets in trouble when she does.

Yesterday when I picked her up from school, the teachers told me Claire was bit by a kid.  (I knew it was Evan before they even told me.)  But then they were like, "And Claire didn't even cry."  They said, "She's so rough and tumble, she is like a boy."  I didn't really appreciate hearing that (way to promote gender stereotyping) plus I couldn't tell if they were impressed or telling me in a way that meant I needed to check my kid.

Anyway, we came home and DP was already there, so I started doing stuff in the kitchen while she was telling him about her day, babbling on and on.  I caught the tail end of something where Claire says, "...and he said, 'what the heck?'

So I said, "Claire...you are not allowed to say that."

And she goes, "Mummy...HE said 'what the HECK?'"

So I said, "Who?"  And she goes, "The people.  The people said, 'what the heck?'"


I re-directed, and told her to tell her dad about getting bit.  She showed him her thumb and told him when Evan bit her, she said, "ow ow ow," and her dad was like, "Well did you bite him back?"  OMG dude.  So I yell out, "NO!  OF COURSE NOT.  BITING IS BAD.  WE DON'T BITE OUR FRIENDS."  Jesus These two.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

At the Car Wash (Whooooaaaa)

I took both girls to church with me on Sunday and they were angels.

As a reward, I told them I'd take them thru the carwash.  Aunties are the best at making mundane things fun.  And Claire has an app on her iPad where she takes a police car thru the carwash, so she was super pumped. 

But then once we pulled in, she got scared.

Poor thing.  She cried toward the end but Fiori held her hand and showed her all the colours.  It was like a little rave, I attached my phone and we bumped some Bruno Mars.  Which, for the record, "Up. Town. Funk You Up.  Uptown Funk You Up." sounds Child Protective Services phonecall-worthy coming out of a two year old mouth.

It was a Terrible's grand opening, so we got free doughnuts and soda.  I saved the soda for DP and when we came back in the afternoon to get it, and they were giving out free hot dogs.  So I had a gas station breakfast and lunch and I'm not even on vacation! 

There was a big Terrible's balloon guy and Claire kept calling him Santa.  I didn't correct her because it was so damn cute.  She really did love that Terrible's guy.