Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bicycle Rides

One day last week we went to Nana's house, Claire on her bicycle and me jogging.  It's about 3 miles from home.  She was soclose to making it all the way when she lost her shit and wanted to be carried.  I convinced her to walk and that I'd pull her bike so she was okay with that, but I knew it would be a while before we attempted to go that far again.

The next weekend we went for a ride/walk to the nearest park in our neighbourhood.  It's only about a mile away from the house so we took a sort of longer route and Claire was literally stopping to smell the flowers on our way.  She sings when she rides, which is adorable.  Making up her own songs.  She also brought her phone and kept stopping to take calls.  And boss me around.  So our leisure stroll ended up taking almost an hour and when we finally got to the park, I called DP to come pick us up.

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