Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Captain America 10K

We got up Saturday morning at 4am.  I had a rough sleep in a queen bed with my mom and Claire, and I know neither one of them slept at all either, so I was glad to get out of bed and give them space.  Plus I was excited to run.  This is my favourite race! 

This is outside the door of our hotel room.  I kept calling it the Wheel of Colour and Kamillah was cracking up.  It's just the ferris wheel and I have been on it before. 

We brought our moms to babysit the kids while we ran, which was a good thing because Claire woke up crying for me.  I was at Disneyland though, not worrying about her. 

Running the parks is the best.  Seeing empty rides going and playing the music, will never not be surreal to me.  Kamillah injured her knee on a downhill between parks so we walked a lot, stopped for pictures, hung out.  It was pleasant.  And so much better than running the half, which not only takes weeks of training, but costs almost $200!

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