Monday, November 23, 2015

Oh, the Who-manity

DP was out of the country last week, in Panama for his annual guys trip with his brother and my cousin, and I feel okay posting about it now because he's back.  Being home without him is so much more alone-feeling when it's perpetually dark.  I spent a ton of time at my dad's, he was watching the big kids anyway, so it was fun. 
One evening I brought them all, plus Fiori, over for dinner.  They were ecstatic for dino nuggets and ketchup, since I wasn't in a rush-to-make-dinner mood.  Then they watched almost all of The Grinch before it was 8 and they needed to get home for bed.

Claire is so funny, she sat on her special chair in her Queen Elsa dress, clutching chocolate milk and a President Obama pillow.  The entire time.

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