Friday, November 13, 2015

Spaceship Yogurt

Claire picks out her yogurt every week at Smith's.  Sometimes she gets Frozen, but not always.  Sometimes it's Ninja Turtles or Minions.  This week they had Star Wars yogurt tubes, a whole dollar more, and she doesn't even know what Star Wars is, but picked it.  She called it spaceship yogurt and spent the whole rest of the way thru the grocery store making spaceship noises and flying the box of yogurt around over her head.  Okay.

We have always let her dress herself, one time I read something about "choices" limiting pushback on getting her to do things.  So even if I set aside 3 dresses, or let her choose between leggings and jeans, she thinks she is dressing herself.  Lately she's been wanting a headband and a clip, that SHE can only put on, not her dad or I.  It's all very grownup and cute.  And if I take a picture of her, she wants to take one of me.

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