Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Ready

My aunt and grandma came to visit from Vancouver for the holiday.  Claire and I picked them up from the airport on Saturday, and while we waited at the bottom of the escalator, she pointed to every Canadian lady and asked, "Is that Mama?"  I told her she would know when she saw her.  And she did, because she took off running in the direction of the passengers and an automated voice came over the loud-speaker advising us that we were going the wrong way and to please step back. 

I took half a day off work on Monday, worked Tuesday, and had the rest of the week off.  And even on Tuesday, we had a 2 hour luncheon at my work and Claire had a Thanksgiving Feast potluck at her school.  I made (okay heated up, because Stouffer's) mac and cheese and Claire made cranberry sauce.  She was so excited about it too - carried it on her lap the whole way to school and then didn't want to put it in the fridge in the lunch room, she insisted on hand-delivering it to her teacher.  Of course in true Claire fashion she didn't eat any, not the night before when she cooked it OR the next morning when I spread some on a Hawaiian roll.

On Wednesday we spent a leisurely day at my mom's house with the visitors.  It was leisurely for me anyway, Claire on the other hand opted for a day of luxury as Cinderella.


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