Friday, December 4, 2015

Big Claire

My aunt and grandma had to go back to Vancouver after Thanksgiving.  That entire week, Claire and I visited every day, and on days that DP worked, we just spent the entire day hanging out with them.  So the last breakfast we had together was kind of sad.


They surprised us with Christmas presents since we weren't going to be there next month, only my mom is going.  My aunt got me a bottle of Patron because she knows me so well.  Claire and Gigi got Frozen nighties.

And their way out to the airport, my grandma said "I love you," to me.  Which she has never said before, that I can remember.  It's not that she didn't love me obviously, she just never said the words, and the funny thing is that I never noticed until she actually said them.  It sounded weird, and I almost would be happy to never hear that again.  Some things just don't need to be said, not from her anyway. 

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