Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Shopping

I'm done.  I started on Thursday, had all my gifts bought by Friday afternoon.  And it only took so long because of the things I couldn't get on Amazon.  Like the American Girl doll for Fiori.  Even the "hot" Christmas gift items that had to be backordered, like the Pie Face game for Ramses and the thing (she reads the blog) for Gigi, still let me place the order.  Everything was shipped to my work and I wrap them on my lunchbreak. 

My parents did kind of a cool thing with the kids this year. They took them all Christmas shopping for their gifts! My grandparents did this with my cousins and me so it's kind of a tradition I guess. They all had a rough limit of $25 and got to pick their own present, then come back to my parents' house to play with their new toys and have a sleepover. F'ing Shopkins everywhere! My mom bought them all pyjamas on top of that, another tradition that passed down from my grandma. It's pretty cool seeing the kids experience the same sort of things I had fun doing when I was little with my cousins.

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