Monday, December 14, 2015

Claire's Christmas Show


It was too adorable for words! The kids sang Jingle Bells and Joy To the World. They recited some bible verses about Christmas too, which was adorable.  During the closing song of Happy Birthday (to Jesus) Claire asked loudly, "Where are Gigi and Ramses?"  I whispered that they were at school but I guess she didn't hear me because she kept asking.  So yes, I took video.

When she sings, she's so dramatic it looks dubbed. Or like she's lip synching. When I dressed her in that adorable dress, DP told her she should put on her new necklace. Tiffany pendant - like I was going to let her wear that to school. But before I could say anything, Claire was all "HO KAY!" and went and grabbed her shark tooth necklace. I just glared at DP. So that's why my kid is wearing a beautiful red dress and has a leather string around her neck.

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