Friday, December 11, 2015

Fix Restaurant

DP gave one of his clients a good rate on a rental a couple weeks ago, and they told him to come to the Bellagio for a comped buffet.  Don't mind if I do!  But then when we met up in front of the buffet, he asked if we'd rather eat at Fix instead.  I was like, "Um, we brought our baby...?"  But he said it would be fine.  I was terribly under-dressed too, like I'm talking jeggings.  At least DP was wearing real pants.

Obviously I ordered the surf and turf because it was the most expensive entrée. It wasn't bad for sixty-five dollars.  DP had the sea bass and Claire ordered herself the mac and cheese.  She also got her first Shirley Temple.

Afterward we took Claire to the botanical exhibit and it was like a winter wonderland. We left when some tourists started taking pictures of her. That kind of stuff really weirds out DP. She did look cute though, in her jeggings.

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