Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Girls Date

I had the girls over on Friday and when we went to pick up DP from work, I asked them if they would just rather eat out.  They were SO down, go figure, and Claire yelled out "Hooters!"  Is the my kid or what?  The 2 older girls laughed their asses off for a good few minutes before begging me if we could go there.  Why not?  Well we ended up waiting for a while as DP closed down the branch, and in that time Claire pulled Fiori's hair, and took her carseat cover off (from under her) so I reconsidered.  Luckily she fell asleep in the car so I dropped her and DP home, and took Gigi and Fiori on a date.  To Hooters.

And do you want to know the best part? 

They ate ALL THEIR FOOD.  Claire easily eats more than these two put together, but not at Hooters apparently.  Gigi ate both her sliders and Fiori annihilated her grilled cheese.  When you have kids who eat like birds, you will realize what an accomplishment this is.

During dinner, we had bit of an interesting conversation though.  Fiori brought up the fact she could see our servers bum.  Then Gigi said "Yeah, some people would think it's highly inappropriate to bring children here," while looking pointedly at me.  And you know I couldn't resist, I took that bait!  So I said yeah, some people do.  Fiori was like, "We don't need to see all that when we're eating!"  Which might be true for some people, so I explained to the girls that because we are feminists, we support other women.  The women who work there and no worse than the patrons who eat there.  That there's nothing wrong or shameful about the female body, and if it really was that bothersome, then we don't have to eat there again.  Some women dress provocatively because it makes them feel beautiful and we can't be judgmental about people trying to look or feel their best, right?  I know, it was obviously deep and probably didn't at all even relate to the cute college kid just trying to make her tips, but I couldn't pass up the teachable moment.  And it's not the first or last time the girls get a lesson on why we are feminists, especially when it's a direct result of taking charge of our own objectification.  Then their eyes started to glaze over and so I told them they could go get balloons. 

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