Thursday, December 24, 2015

New Beginnings.

Claire is starting a new preschool in the New Year.  They opened a place near our house and it would be so much more convenient with drop-offs and pick-ups if I'm not the sole person responsible.  Her daycare right now is blocks up from my work, and while I LOVE it, it's taken a toll on me all these years.  When I'm sick or have a day off, I usually keep her home because the 30-minute commute isn't worth it.  I did really love the religious aspect of it too (even though I poked fun a lot) and will miss that at her new preschool.  But like with anything, if the kid isn't learning it at school you just have to supplement at home.  I already taught her the Lord's Prayer so maybe I can do more with her.  Or, who am I kidding...probably just enroll her in Catechism.

She does well with change which is another reason I'm comfortable with this.  DP did NOT want to switch her but deferred the decision to me since I'm the one who takes her there and back, thank goodness.  And I know she'll be okay. 

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