Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Good Dinosaur

Claire loves the Pixar type of animation.  Aren't they the only ones who do that?  I guess I never considered them actual cartoons, they seem different.  Like Monsters and Toy Story, her faves.  Cars was just okay (she loves the merchandise more than the actual movie) and Ratatouille was a big NO within the first three minutes, so maybe that's not it after all.  ANYWAY when I saw the previews for the Good Dinosaur, I knew I had to take Claire.  I had wanted her first theatre movie to be a special thing for her and me, and so decided to start a new tradition of seeing a movie on the day after Thanksgiving.  Sometimes I take for granted how great it is bringing her cousins literally everywhere, that I forget it's also good to have one-on-one time.

So I took her to Southpoint and bought our tickets, then we got the biggest tub of popcorn and fountain coke to enhance the experience.  Seriously, a thirty-dollar experience that probably gave her a cavity.  She didn't like the theatre seats, I guess I could have been better about helping but she kind of fell back and then it scared her, so she sat in my lap the entire time.  I loved it.  And she loved the movie, so it was a win.

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