Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Last Weekend Before Christmas

The kids are right on the cusp of believing in Santa. Gigi knows the truth, Ramses is on the fence, and Fiori is a staunch believer. But the joy of Christmas is there, no matter what. Gigi loves the idea of keeping the fantasy real for the younger ones. I had all of them over at some point this weekend, Gigi and Ramses slept over on Friday night and I kept Fiori all day Sunday. They just posted up under the tree all weekend, shaking their presents, taking guesses, asking can they open them early, is it lego? DP and I loved it.

The older two were really good Friday night and I told them at bedtime I would take them to Starbucks when they woke up. So in the morning they got fancy holiday frappuccinos, Claire got a snowman doughnut, and I got a breakfast sandwich. DP rolls his eyes at us but then takes a sip or bite of everyone's treat. We dropped the kids off with my mom so we could finish up our shopping which, after a 4-hour nap for me, we did. DP's grandma had sent Claire a giftcard so we used it to buy her a baby doll to open Christmas morning. It's 18 inches like the American Girl dolls the girls have but a baby! We bought her some accessories to go with it from us. Seriously, she's going to die.

I took Fiori to church with me on Sunday and then we spent the day at the house. At one point she asked me (innocently) how come Claire has four presents and the other cousins only have one each. I wasn't thinking and I said, "Well, Claire is our daughter," and then immediately felt like a heel. It went over her head thank God because she was like, "Yeah, so?" I just hugged her, smiled, said, "last year Claire got no presents from us," then tried to change the subject. Seriously, what was I supposed to say? (DP said I should have said that her present cost more than all of my kid's presents combined, what a joker!) Anyway I knew that my mother in law had just finished shopping and was wrapping her presents, so when Fiori got home there would be a ton for her and she'd forget about all of Claire's. I guess I know what to do for next year though. One gift under the tree, each!

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