Monday, January 25, 2016

Eye Irritation

I had to go pick up Claire from school on Friday morning because she had eyelashes in her eye that were bothering her, but wouldn't let her teacher get them out.  So I left work at 8am, picked up Claire, and took her to Urgent Care.  (Yes, I realize how privileged that makes us.)  She was so excited because she's goomnie (just likes to go places) and laid down so the doctor could examine her. But then he got out a stick with a cotton swab on the end and my heart sank.  So did hers.  And I had to hold her down so he could get under her eyelid. Oh man I felt so sorry for her.  But it was like her corner lashes were curved up under the eyelid and irritating it.  He was kind of callous about it too, and maybe I should have taken her to the pediatrician, but in the end it all worked out.  And then I took her to a Starbucks for a cake pop and told her she didn't have to go back to school.  Mom Guilt is real y'all. 

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