Friday, February 12, 2016

Granny's Birthday

We let my mom go out with my dad on her birthday last Friday.  Isn't that thoughtful?

Okay well it would be if it were our idea but she just kind of told us.  Claire was excited regardless because it was a Friday and that's the day Granny picks her up from school.  The night before we had wrapped her present, Claire cutting the paper and taping it up herself.  She picked out a special bag to put it in and everything.  But the next morning we forgot it at home, so after I dropped Claire at school, I went home to pick it up and brought it to her to keep in her cubby.  Talk about spoiled.  So when my mom picked her up she proudly gave her the present.  Then opened it for her.

I was going to babysit the kids over at my parents' until they came home (my cousin was on vacation in Panama) but they informed me they were going to spend the night at my house.  Oh, and can I pick up their cousins to come too?  Well sure.  So my 3 nephews, Gigi, Claire, and I ordered a couple of pizzas and took them home.  It was late by then so the girls and I watched a movie in my bed, DP slept on the couch in our room, and boys stayed up who-knows-how-long playing games on their personal devices.  But at least they were together?  Kids these days man.

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