Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ramses the Warrior

But first, I love starting the weekend on a breakfast date with my girl.  She is so cute!

I took my nephew to L.A. for the Warriors game this weekend.  He's a huge fan, just like everyone his age right now, and I totally get it.  They are our generation's Bulls team.

Anyway, so I rented a sexy black on black Jeep from Enterprise on Saturday morning, then went to drop Claire at my mom's and pick up Ramses.  Well even though Claire had previously been excited to be spending the weekend at her Granny's, she didn't like the idea of me taking off in the rental without her.  I told her I was dropping Ramses at his house and going home to do laundry, but she probably saw right thru my lies, and so she cried and screamed and didn't want to stay at my mom's anymore.  We drove off with her sad sobbing echoing in my thoughts, and I just couldn't get past the image of her trying to get out of my mom's grip and reaching out for me.  So I called DP who was in Mexico for the night with his brother and told him the situation, and because he and I are on the same page when it comes to Claire, he offered to meet us in L.A. and keep her while I took Ramses to the game that night.  Like is she spoiled, or what?

So I went back and got her, poor thing was still crying on my mom's shoulder.  I asked her if she wanted to come with me, and I'd take Ramses and her on a vacation to L.A.

So we hit the road, only stopping once for snacks and then once more for the washroom.  I let the kids buy and eat whatever they wanted because that's what you do on road trips.  They were well behaved and we made it into L.A. in record time.  I quickly showered and both Ramses and I changed (his mom lent me an arsenal of Warriors gear to choose from) then snuck out while Claire wasn't looking.  Again, I felt bad, and if she looked closer to 2 years old I probably would have taken her to the game.  We walked to the Staples Center and before even getting there, DP texted me pictures of them at Chuck E. Cheese, so I could relax and enjoy myself knowing she was happy.

They boy was super annoyed at my constant picture-taking, and refused to take any decent ones.  Oh well, he was there for the experience, not the photos.

We were pretty high up there, but could see everything pretty good.  Even the players, which surprised me.  Rames didn't seem too annoyed that I kept asking who was who, and other curious questions like what does The City mean and why does everyone keep chanting MVP?  The enthusiasm was electric (cliché, I know) and I couldn't help getting swept up in the excitement.  Especially after this opening.

But then there was that moment when I came back from the washroom at (what I thought was) halftime, only to be reminded that pro games have 4 quarters, not two halves.  It was just SO MUCH basketball.  Luckily Beyoncé was there for me to channel my energy watching, I just clapped when she clapped.  Then by the time the fourth quarter did come around, I was the aunty equivalent of this guy.

Ramses enjoyed it, and that's huge for Mr. Serious.  He practically skipped the entire way back to our hotel, so I'm pretty sure the Warriors won. 

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