Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Uncle's Valentines AKA The Longest Post

Our Valentine's Day was eventful.  I got up early Sunday morning to squeeze in a run before picking up fresh doughnuts for my girls.  They had slept over at my parents so I met up with them straight from the gym and we went to church.

I brought them home with me afterward and found that DP had torn into some chocolate already, so was antsy to do something.  He suggested bowling, and I'm while I'm not usually a fan, I was surprisingly enthused.  (Or maybe I was just so happy that he suggested something, made a plan, then executed it, and I didn't have to do a thing.)  So he told the girls we were going to pick up Fiori and to get in the car.  Then after she joined us, DP explained to them that since today was Valentine's Day and they were all his special Valentines, he wanted to take them somewhere fun.  The smiles on the their faces had me turning to mush.  Like all the times I want to kill him for beating up on the kids and giving them sugar at night, he goes and makes them his Valentines.

The girls had a blast bowling.  Claire was beating me most of the game, until I realized I was using a 9 lb. ball instead of what I thought was 6.  I switched but it was too late and came in 4th place, at least I beat the baby.  She let Sally (her doll) bowl a few of her turns so turns out I especially suck at bowling.  No wonder I never want to go!


We went to the arcade right after so the kids could play some games.  Walking out of Southpoint, DP told the girls that was the best $55 he ever spent.

This kid man, I swear.   Okay, so we all got in the car to go home, and the kids are talking about how much fun they just had, eating candy they got from the prize counter, and thanking Uncle.  And DP ends up driving just past our house and out into the desert at the base of the mountains.  So Claire is all, "Why are we driving in THE ROCKS?!" and Fiori starts whimpering and Gigi's like, "Aunty.  Aunty where are we?  Aunty WHAT IS HAPPENING?"  As if I even know.  So we park and get out, walk up this little hill, and we're at the top of freaking Las Vegas.  With an amazing strip view.  And caves!

The kids thought it was the coolest.  They asked if they could come back to camp there tonight, but I had to say no because I noticed a lot of graffiti and empty beer cans, which means teenagers probably hang out there at night.  DP and I did decide that we would come up there after work sometime this summer to watch the strip lights go on though.

They were exhausted by the time we got home, but I made them shower and said the two older girls could sleep over since Monday was a holiday.  Ramses called and asked if I could pick him up, so I did, and the girls loved telling him all about our day.  Poor boy!

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