Friday, February 5, 2016

When Claire is Mad at Me

Or simply trying to get my attention after failed attempts.  She calls me "MOM MARGARET PATRICIA."  Hard not to give her exactly what she wants at that point.

Oh hey, and it snowed this week. That building on the left is the library I work at.

In celebration of the upcoming Super Bowl, people are wearing football clothing around the Valley today. Well the cool people anyway. My niece has football day at her school and got to wear her Packers t-shirt instead of her uniform, and even DP got to wear a jersey instead of his usual suit. I picked up Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the office and my coworker is melting cheese for a nacho bar, another coworker ordered specialty cupcakes for this afternoon. I wonder if our city (outside of the 3 actual SB participating cities) is unique in this respect. I mean, Las Vegas is unique for many reasons, but do they take sports as seriously in other towns where sports betting isn't legal?

My lovely coworkers! No Denver fans in this early I guess.

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