Friday, February 19, 2016

YouTube Shows

Claire watches those silly YouTube shows where people make things out of play-doh, play with dolls, unpack boxes of toys, act out skits, etc.  I used to side-eye that shit, but now I get the appeal.  They are fascinating.  Gigi has her own channel and is so funny about doing her challenges, usually roping the other kids into her latest shenanigans.

So we're watching tv the other night, and Claire gets up on the coffee table and asks, "Mom, can you take a picture of me?" Obviously I was like NO AND GET OFF THE COFFEE TABLE.  But she wanted me to record her for "her show" she explained.  So I obliged.  And what I got on her first take was pure gold.  (I say "first take" because she made me film her like 7 times after this, all with the same general content.)

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