Thursday, March 31, 2016


Gigi and Fiori's birthdays are four days apart at the end of March.  So when I saw that Justin Bieber was performing in Las Vegas on March 25, I knew what I was getting the girls for their gifts.  It was going to be Gigi's second Bieber concert with me, and Fiori's first concert evah, but I'm not even going to pretend I did it solely for them.  There's just something about this kid that's amazing, and he puts on a really good show. 

I don't know what I was thinking when I gave them the tickets without taking videos.  Who even am I?  I gave Gigi hers the night before, when we hanging out at my parents' house, just slid the envelope to her and said I was giving her an early gift.  She opened it, realized what it was, began screaming and jumping around, could barely breathe as she called her mom, pretty sure she punched me or something, and I quietly ducked away while she continued screaming and with my parents giving her the side-eye.

Fiori's reaction was the complete opposite.  We went over there the day of the concert, the day of her birthday, and gave her the gift.  She opened it, read it slowly, and was completely speechless with the biggest smile on her face.  Then she hugged her dog.  It was really sweet and the perfect reaction from her, the kid who never shuts up! 

That afternoon, I had to play it cool while getting ready.  After I straightened my hair, Claire asked if she could come to my meeting with me.  That's either a sign I need to actually "do" my hair more often, and that the only place I ever leave her home to go is GOTR meetings.  Anyway, so when I was ready DP took her out to the park so it would be easy for me to leave, and I made him take a couple of pictures of us.  That's why they turned out ridiculous.  I'm not even looking at the camera!

I picked up the girls and took pictures of them in front of my mom's house. Gigi had made signs to put up in my car windows, and I'm glad we left early to head to the MGM because we were gridlocked in concert traffic for damn near an hour on the exit ramp. People in cars around us kept commenting on how cute the girls were. 

Post Malone was the opener, and we got there just in time for his last song.  I settled the girls and told them I was going to get a beer.  When I got back to my seat, the girls were jumping around singing about getting saucy or something, and I knew they were having a good time already.  Bieber was great, of course, very engaging and like I knew it would be, just a really good show.  My favourite moment of the whole concert was the song he sang with just his guitar.  It was everyone else's too.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ice Skating

On the Monday of spring break (a whole 3 days after Claire had left on a jet plane) I went and picked up Fiori.  The house was just too quiet.  She spent the day with me, and then I told DP that I was going to pick up Ramses, Ravi, and Rashad.  I'm sure it's completely unrelated that he then decided to go on an overnight to Rosarito with his brother and my cousin.  So I helped him pack, then went to Smith's and bought the good snacks for me and the kids.  Especially the fancy sparkling water we all like, and the expensive kind of turkey dogs, not the skinny ones.  Oh, and green grapes because that's what Ramses likes, not the purple ones I usually get.  We had lunch then went to the park.


The next day we went ice skating.  Oh man, they were SO excited.  And it was really cute because none of them had ever skated before, so they were kind of nervous too.  After being apprehensive about getting on the ice with their skates, I bit the bullet and rented scooters for all of them.  Next thing you know they're zooming across the ice and I had to yell out a couple of times to go in the circle the way everyone else was skating.  About an hour into it they ditched the scooters, bravely, and did a couple of laps without them.  Ravi was the best, he kept falling and then would just get back up like NBD. 

I'm actually really proud of how well they did after just one hour on the ice.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

MY Spring Break

I took the week off work even though (many of my co-workers reminded me) I'm not in school anymore.  DP did too, some habits die hard I guess!  So we enjoyed a week at home doing nothing, and without our kid, since she and Gigi were whooping it up on the beaches of Cabo for their spring break.  I swear man, Claire has the best life.

I feel like I did so much on my week off even though I just stayed home.

On a whim I bought Claire a bed.  People keep visiting and like, temporarily moving into our house, so I turned her bedroom into a dedicated guest room and added a sleep/lounge space in her playroom.  Now the kids can all sleep in her room when they visit instead of on our floor.  (Well, not technically now since it hasn't arrived yet, but you know.)  So to prepare, I took every single thing out of her playroom - every crayon, every stuffed animal, every book - and put it back in an organized fashion.  It took me two days.  But then I relaxed for two days doing absolutely nothing.  Real ordering take-out instead of making a sandwich type-laziness. I also watched everything on Netflix.

One afternoon DP took me out on a dirt bike ride.  Our neighbourhood has a lot of dirt trails virtually untouched so we didn't have to go far, and it was fun hooking up in the fresh air with a view of the city like teenagers.  This is not the kind of thing I am interested in when my kid is in the country.  I'm SO not this much fun in real life.

One night we went out to a club.  I got hella dressed up and we stayed out all night partying, then laid on the couch all the next day with the blinds drawn and the doors locked.  It was weird, and kind of depressing, especially with the juxtaposition of going HAM on outdoor activities and the Vegas nightlife in the days prior.   I missed Claire.

But I literally feel like I did everything - stayed home and went out, cleaned the house and laid around it, day drank and took naps (okay those two things go together), spent time with the kids and without.  So yay for spring break!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Claire's Spring Break in Cabo

I spent the weekend with the kids since Claire would be going on vacation with my parents for five days.  I knew I would miss the girls terribly and made plans to keep Ramses for a few days, to do some special things together.


I took them for frozen yogurt to benefit Girls on the Run and they picked out some nasty combinations.  Claire was more interested in the toppings anyway. 


The day before she left, we went to see Zootopia at the movie theatre and I bought her everything she wanted.  We had to get an early night so I could take her, Gigi, and my parents to the airport at 5am the next day.  When I asked her for pictures as we were leaving, she was so excited and smiled SO BIG that her eyes closed.


Friday, March 18, 2016

Henderson Libraries


We run a free program at my work on the second Saturday of every month, for girls and their American Girl dolls.  They read a story and do a craft or something.  Anyway, I brought all the kids to the library last Saturday so they could get library cards, check out some reading material, and the two girls could go to the program.  But first I had to buy them all tote bags because every outing must include me spending money.  What the hell else would they carry their free books back and forth in? 

While the girls were at the program, Ramses and Claire picked out their books and we ordered lunch, then sat on the patio to snack and read.  Ramses loves those Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Claire had picked out a book about seals and every page, she would put her ear to the pictures and swear she could hear the ocean.  Like with shells.