Friday, March 4, 2016

The Balloon Festival

I asked DP to pick me up from my mom's on Saturday because I had gone over there in my cousin's car.  So when he did, he asked Gigi and Ramses if they wanted to come back to our house with us.  Dude, I just wanted to go to bed.  But they ganged up on me so I said yes on the condition that they all go to church with me the next day.  They agreed.  But then when we woke up on Sunday morning, DP was like, "Who wants to go to the hot air balloon festival?!"  And even though nobody knew what that was, they were all like, "YEAH!"  So at the crack of dawn we piled in the car and drove out to Pahrump.

Turns out they had an accompanying carnival to go with the hot air balloons (which I thought would have been going up in the sky...but they didn't) so we ended up ditching church and buying all-day wristbands at $25 a pop for the six of us.

But the kids deserved it, and I ended up having a great time.  We rode all the rides.  Even me!  I could tell DP was really happy that I participated, sometimes I think he just sees me as the no-fun mom when it comes to his "great" ideas.

As you can tell, Claire had the most fun.  She couldn't ride all the rides, so after a bit I took her to get her face painted and DP took the big kids on the more scary rides.  Claire and I waited about 40 minutes for her turn, and she had picked out a dinosaur. Because it had blood.  When the artist called her name she got up in the chair, closed her eyes, and stuck out her chin.  Like an old pro.  The artist was SO impressed with how well Claire sat for her, that she added upgrades like glitter and extra blood at no additional cost.  I was so proud of my girl, she really is the best.


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