Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Three Patricias

BK sure does love her happy hour!  We went to Yardhouse this time, and I rode in the back of my cousin's Escalade with the kids.  Later that day I had a serious discussion with DP about needing a car with a third row.  Or maybe a minivan.  I had bought Claire a new booster because we are about to a be a 2-car (minivan) family and I didn't want to waste money on another carseat for only about another year, so when Chrissy picked us up, I threw it in the back.  Claire really loves being a "big girl" and that it's pink. 

The kids were all good, and there was an abundance of food and drink.  Claire ordered the mac and cheese kids' meal.  When the server asked if she wanted fries with that she said, "um...can I have carrots?"  Then she just ate carrots for lunch and said she didn't like mac and cheese.  Sometimes I wonder whose child she really is.

We went to the candy store and she picked out a huge candy necklace. 

Once home, the ladies had to get ready to go out to a show, including my grandma and my Aunty Trish.  They posed for a picture, my aunt saying, "The Two Patricias."  Claire heard, ran over to them, and said, "The THREE Patricias!" It's her middle name, in honour of my grandma.  Nothing gets past this one. 

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