Friday, April 29, 2016

Tragedy at Softball

DP plays in a league on Wednesday evenings.  Most weeks, games are at 8 so Claire and I don't go, but last week he had a 6:30 game so we went to the field for an hour.  Claire started to climb the bleachers, and then after I told her she shouldn't do that and she told me she won't fall, "I promise," she fell.  No injuries except she bit her cheek.

She asked me to take a few pictures because apparently blood is awesome. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Jungle Book

My dad asked if he and my mom could take Claire to see The Jungle Book.  Claire gets her "goomnie" from me, so I told him sure but I'm coming too.  I took off work early and met them at Southpoint.  In true grandparent fashion, my mom packed Claire a snack bag of microwave popcorn, a fruit roll-up, a kit kat, and a juice box.  And they bought us hotdogs from the hotdog cart in the sports book.  Claire was in heaven!  (So was I.)

The movie was fantastic.  There were a few scenes where Claire jumped, but she likes that sort of thing, and really liked the animals.  I loved the imagery.

Claire asked for an ice cream cone after the movie.  She promptly took 3 bites then said she didn't want it anymore.  She is like REALLY lucky she's cute.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Like Sands Thru the Hourglass

Claire was in trouble literally all day yesterday.  Every time she turned around I was growling at her for some reason, usually doing something she wasn't supposed to.  Our day ended with her crying herself to sleep.  Ugh, I know the good days make up for the bad ones, the bad ones are just so hard.  And I know they are harder on her than me.

Oh but hey, she's getting really good at her swimming.  Her favourite thing is jumping in.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Cadillac

We bought a new car!  It's oh so pretty and I'm really excited.  Technically it's for DP to drive back and forth to work since I drive the "family" car.  But we'll see about that.

I went back to my old schedule of working from 7-3:30 and I'm so much happier.   I'm just a morning person, even when I wasn't starting until 8, I was getting up at the same time every day.  So now I get up at the crack of dawn and am out the door before DP and Claire even wake up.  He drives her to school and I pick her up.   Today she went to school in her prettiest party dress because even though he took out leggings for her to wear, she told him she always wears a party dress to school. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Girls on the Run 5K

On Sunday, my family all went out to Kellogg-Zaher Park for our annual Girls on the Run 5k.  Gigi was a program participant this year and I was her running buddy, and my brother-in-law registered to run as a community member along with Fiori and Claire.  DP drove us out there at 7am, I definitely need to get him an official GOTR DAD shirt.

While Gigi got ready with her team (pink hairspray and glitter) I took the two girls around.  It's such a girl-friendly atmosphere and these two loved it.  They even met the UNLV Lady Rebels!  Claire of course said she wants to play basketball when she gets bigger.  I'm like, "Don't you want to join Girls on the Run?"  (Guess I'm not as cool as those girls.)  Then I joined Gigi in the start corral right before the race was to start.

My parents came out to cheer us on.  Seeing them out there on the side of the course is something I am very familiar with, they've been to almost all of my races, and now they come out cheering for Gigi and the other kids.  It makes me so proud.

The race was fun.  After one mile, Claire declared herself "out of breath" and she stopped to be an official race high-fiver.  So Gigi and I met up with Mike and Fiori, and all of us ran the rest of the race together.  Here are official race photos.

We had a good time, Gigi did great, and Fiori can't wait to be in the program next year. 

Oh, I found a funny picture of Claire on the official race photography website. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Pure Aloha Festival

I was so happy to get my baby back!  We spent a full day just hanging out together at home, with breaks to go get food.

On Thursday night we went to the Hawaiian Festival.  DP wanted to go eat and Claire wanted to ride  rides, so I packed some mini bottles of wine and we went down there.  It was actually pretty cool, and Claire went on every single ride.  The food was just okay.


Claire goes on all the rides by herself.  Which is terrific because I am scared of rides. She's so brave, and I don't have to be the parent squished in the stupid car with her.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Claire World Tour

A couple of weeks ago, Claire went to Cabo for spring break.  Right.  When she came home, she fell ill.  That sounds old timey, but I honestly don't even know how to word what she had.  It started out with a bad cough, her dad had one too, so they stayed home together for a couple days.  Then she came down with a fever, so I took a day off with her and DP went back into work.  Once her fever broke, she had a bloody nose for the next two days, no appetite, lethargy.  She missed almost an entire week of school!

The week after, my parents took her to Vancouver.  This girl was in 3 different countries in 3 consecutive weeks.  I started calling it the Claire Tour.  It was cool because I could follow her whereabouts on social media.  When I wanted to see what she was up to, I'd check Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.  My cousins would text me.  It was like a Buzzfeed article in real life.  It was comforting to know she was having fun.