Friday, April 22, 2016

The Cadillac

We bought a new car!  It's oh so pretty and I'm really excited.  Technically it's for DP to drive back and forth to work since I drive the "family" car.  But we'll see about that.

I went back to my old schedule of working from 7-3:30 and I'm so much happier.   I'm just a morning person, even when I wasn't starting until 8, I was getting up at the same time every day.  So now I get up at the crack of dawn and am out the door before DP and Claire even wake up.  He drives her to school and I pick her up.   Today she went to school in her prettiest party dress because even though he took out leggings for her to wear, she told him she always wears a party dress to school. 

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