Thursday, May 26, 2016

Brooklyn's First Birthday

My niece turned one and had a birthday party at a splash pad.  She is just the cutest, sweetest little girl.  I love seeing her in Claire hand-me-downs too.

I took all the girls and they had a complete blast. The birthday party was Mardi Gras themed and the kids all decorated masks.  DP told the girls they couldn't bring them in his car when we were leaving because of all the glitter, so I had to put them in Tupperware that I found in his trunk.  I hate going places in his car.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

$4.99 Dresses

On Saturday morning I took two girls to their swimming lessons.  Claire had her second awful lesson in a row.  Freaking out, saying "no" to Ms. Lacey, swimming half way to the wall then stopping or turning around to try and come back, refusing to jump in.  Ms. Lacey had to put her in a timeout.  I think maybe she's a bit burnt out and needs a break.  Ms. Lacey seems to think we should power thru.  What does she know anyway?

After swimming I brought the girls home and they played quietly while I took a nap.

Just kidding, they bounced around my bed and watched shows really loudly and asked me a million questions why I wore an eye mask and tried to lay as still as possible.

After I got up we all went out for dinner, but when DP pulled up to Don Tortaco, I realized I didn't want greasy nachos but pho instead.  So DP got loaded nachos to go then we went back home and I took the girls in my car to WTPho.  Claire was down for meatball soup but Gigi wanted pizza, so the two of us ate then ordered pepperoni pizza for pick-up.  I think we need to start going "out for dinner" at the food court.

The 2 girls wore outfits my mom bought them in Thailand for two days straight, and this is the only picture they would let me take.  I had to bribe Claire with a doughnut to even get this one.   And look at how miserable she still looks!

On Sunday morning we woke up at the crack of dawn.  3 out of four of us did anyway, Gigi had stayed up to some ungodly hour watching the Scream show from MTV.  So DP, Claire, and I went out for doughnuts and coffee, then came home and I ran 4 miles on my treadmill.  I barely get time to fit in a run on weekends so I was glad to be able to decompress for 45 minutes.  DP had went and picked up Fiori and then took us to Town Square because they had a sale on little dresses, and since that's all Claire ever wants to wear, I wanted to pick up some for summer.  Well who knew the sizes went up to 10?  So Gigi and Fiori got to pick out dresses too.  This is Claire's "super" pose.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Claire's Best Date Ever

Last Friday my mom and dad hosted a playdate for some of my dad's friends' kids, and they invited Claire.  I told her Friday morning before school, that I was going to take her to a playdate with Julian and she got SO excited.  She said, "Oh that is good news!  Julian is my best friend."  It was cute, and I was glad I had waited until that morning to tell her, otherwise she would be asking me every 10 minutes up until Friday about her playdate.

When I picked her up that afternoon, she was calling it a date.  It was adorable.  And when they saw each other they embraced for so long.  I could tell they missed each other because they spent the whole time playing.  Julian's little brother Raphael came too, and my friend Dave's baby Akash.  We were trying to figure out a way to make this a regular thing since everyone, even the parents, had such a good time.

We realized it was a ruse to dress the kids up in cute outfits they had bought in Thailand, but I'm okay with that.  Claire wearing an Easter hat is her own personal touch.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Superhero Day

Friday was Superhero Day at Claire's school.  You know, as much as she resembles her dad, it's when things like this pop up that remind me she's still my daughter.  I LOVE themes, and tend to go overboard.  Then when Claire had Red Day in February followed by Green Day in March, I realized how much she loved themes too. She is like me guys!

So she's been talking about Superhero Day all week.  She asked if I would buy her a mask from Walgreens (?) but I said no because she has tons of masks and who knows where they are.  I assured her that a superhero dress would be sufficient.  Before we left she made sure she had matching shoes, and grabbed her Spiderman blanket (not pictured) and stuffed Spidey for naptime.  She was so proud of herself.

She seemed concerned about wearing Spiderman for a second when she told me that her friend (and I use that term loosely) Daniel said she needs to wear a fairy dress.  I told her that Daniel was wrong and that she was wearing her Spiderman dress because boys and girls can like Spiderman.  My blood was boiling.  She also told me that Ms. Yasmine said nobody could wear Deadpool because he is not a real superhero.  Whatever that means.

When we got to school, she seemed concerned because Daniel wasn't there yet.  But she walked in and all the teachers surrounded her and marveled (see what I did there?) at her adorable outfit and armful of matching nap gear.  The director was like, "Oh do you have a brother?"  (No wonder Daniel says the shit he says.)  Her teacher beamed and let the director know that Spiderman has always been Claire's thing and that was just that.  I was proud of Ms. Yasmine.  While Claire was taken aback by the attention, I loved all the teachers admiring her, that's what we do.  And then I wonder why she acts so spoiled! 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Splash Pad & Sally

Last weekend Nana babysat Claire while we went to a wedding.  When we came home, DP went to pick her up but she was passed out already, so he brought Gigi and Fiori to sleep over at our house.  They were SO happy because somebody that wasn't Nana told them to go to bed at 8:45 and while they were obedient and got in bed, to hear them tell it was like they were being forced to sleep on the cold floor of a rat-infested jail cell.

Their lives are so hard omg.

The next morning when DP picked up Claire, he and the girls all conspired to hit up the splash pad.  It finally opened for the summer and we hadn't gone yet.


When the girls came home they worked on some crafts, making a table and chairs for their AG dolls.  Claire was uninterested and played on her iPad for a bit, so I surprised her by using some of the girls scraps for her own doll chair.  For Sally.  She was so happy when I showed it to her and insisted on a picture.  By the way, one of the reasons I picked out this doll for Claire was because she's 18 inches, just like an American Girl, so they could share clothes.  But yet Sally is always nunga.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Perfect Day

So much of parenting is hustle and bustle, and having routines help me get the family functioning on mornings, especially when we're pressed for time.  So when Claire asked me as we were walking out the door one morning, if we could stop at the store to get a doughnut, I said no because it would make me late for work.  But then she said, "Please mom, I was a good girl this morning.  I didn't dilly-dally."  I cracked up because who even knew she paid attention when I'm trying to get her ass out the door and telling her to quit dilly-dallying a hundred times, it always looks like she's ignoring me.  So I said sure, and just resigned to working a bit late to make up for the time I spent on our little diversion.  Got her doughnut and dropped her to school, then, and this is really huge, hit every single green light on my way to work making me actually early.

That afternoon when I got her from school, we stopped at Smith's for a few things, then hit up the sno cone stand and headed home.  The housekeepers had come that day, so I didn't have to pick up, I just ran a leisurely 5 miles on my treadmill before starting dinner.  Claire sat quietly at the kitchen table making a bead necklace.  I was so proud of her because aside from me tying the knots at either end, she did it all by herself. 

DP's boss was celebrating a birthday that evening so my brother-in-law babysat while we went out to Stoney's.  That place the daylight.  Anyway, I never have days like this, where everything just goes swimmingly.  And with my lifestyle, it's a huge feat when it does.  And will probably never happen again.

Monday, May 16, 2016

BBQ Season

DP has a flex day almost every week since he's a manager now.  Basically that means he works half of one day and then has to work on Saturday mornings.  I actually really like that schedule because it reduces the amount of Saturdays I wake up to him and the kids with some cockamamie adventure idea.  Plus the days he flexes, he picks up Claire and they usually go get ice cream, which she loves.

So Tuesday he flexed, picked up Claire, and I came home to them out in the backyard.  He had sprayed down the back patio while she ran thru the hose.  Then he grilled out for the first time this year.  I'm telling you, this is what life is all about.

Claire was being Claire (ie. running around like a crazy person with no clothes on) and she stubbed her toe at some point.  And she's SO dramatic, hobbling around, acting like he foot was broken, the whole nine.  You guys there wasn't even blood.  So I played it tf up (because who do you think she gets the dramatic flair from?) and wrapped it tightly in a Band-Aid, then fetched her a stool and bag of ice for her toe.  We went over R.I.C.E for injuries - that's rest, ice, compression, elevation - and then watched Sharkboy and Lava Girl while she whimpered occasionally.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Mother's Day

I had a stomach ache on Friday night when I went to bed, and had trouble falling asleep.  Because I had to puke.  Violently.  And all over my bathroom.  It helped though, and I finally fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning, then slept straight until Sunday.  It was definitely weird, and I was thankful I didn't have to puke anymore, but I was cold and achy (and tired) all of Saturday.

I still felt weak when I got up on Sunday so I took it easy, which was cool because it was Mother's Day, and Claire had brought me flowers and an omelette for breakfast.  She didn't want her face in the picture of her with the flowers, so I took one quickly as she moved them away.  She's so silly sometimes.

I saw the questionnaire idea on Pinterest so I thought I'd have Claire fill them out for our moms.  It turned out pretty funny, and I texted pictures of them to both Granny and Nana since I was bed-ridden on Mother's Day. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

San Gennaro

DP had been telling the kids for weeks that we were going to take them to the food festival.  He texted Gigi about it before even telling me, probably so I couldn't nix the idea.  Tricky.  So on Wednesday we headed out there straight after work.  It was bigger this year than ever before, and even had a roller coaster.  That I went on.

(I absolutely realize this is the very next post after one in which I talk about how spoilt the kids are.  I guess the jig is up, we are dirty enablers.)



The draw of San Gennaro though, is the food.  The guys ate authentic Philly cheesesteaks and the kids split a giant funnel cake.  Don't worry, the kids ate real food earlier, I had packed peanut butter sandwiches since I picked them all up after school.  And because the unlimited ride wristbands were $25 a pop.  Oh, but the best part?  I didn't even get to eat because I sacrificed my dinner for "one more ride please?" and "can we each have our own fresh-squeezed lemonades?" and "carry me everywhere mommy you're holding me wrong" and just the fact that I am a GD martyr I swear.