Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Perfect Day

So much of parenting is hustle and bustle, and having routines help me get the family functioning on mornings, especially when we're pressed for time.  So when Claire asked me as we were walking out the door one morning, if we could stop at the store to get a doughnut, I said no because it would make me late for work.  But then she said, "Please mom, I was a good girl this morning.  I didn't dilly-dally."  I cracked up because who even knew she paid attention when I'm trying to get her ass out the door and telling her to quit dilly-dallying a hundred times, it always looks like she's ignoring me.  So I said sure, and just resigned to working a bit late to make up for the time I spent on our little diversion.  Got her doughnut and dropped her to school, then, and this is really huge, hit every single green light on my way to work making me actually early.

That afternoon when I got her from school, we stopped at Smith's for a few things, then hit up the sno cone stand and headed home.  The housekeepers had come that day, so I didn't have to pick up, I just ran a leisurely 5 miles on my treadmill before starting dinner.  Claire sat quietly at the kitchen table making a bead necklace.  I was so proud of her because aside from me tying the knots at either end, she did it all by herself. 

DP's boss was celebrating a birthday that evening so my brother-in-law babysat while we went out to Stoney's.  That place the daylight.  Anyway, I never have days like this, where everything just goes swimmingly.  And with my lifestyle, it's a huge feat when it does.  And will probably never happen again.

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