Monday, May 9, 2016

Bratty Children

After we dropped all the kids off last Sunday, I was remarking to DP how complain-y they are.  But in a spoilt way, like they always have something to say even if we're having a good time.  It's not like I'm giving them bread and water and they are asking for butter but I'm like, "No, appreciate what you got."  (Although that's how they act, like I torture them.)  It's more like we say we're going to the park to feed the ducks, and they are all aw do we have to, you're ruining our day.  Of course when we get there they have fun.  DP had bought two loaves of bread which lasted quite a while, but when we ran thru it someone told him he should have bought five loaves instead of just two.  A funny comment on it's own, but just came out sounding ungrateful on top of everything else.  So he pulls out a package of Nutter Butters he had in his pocket as a surprise and gives them a couple each and they start groaning because they had to share with him.  Like WTF he is the one sharing with you!  I didn't say anything but it's pretty draining, on our psyche and our pocketbooks.  The more we give them the more they want and I know, it's our fault.  We spoil them because we want to, and because we can.

I gave them an epic growling the other day because I told them to do something and one of them flat out said no.  I completely lost it and felt terrible afterward.  I had to break it down after I was calm, and they seemed to understand, but I shouldn't have yelled.  And although I genuinely wish they were...they aren't even my kids to yell at. 

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