Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Claire's Best Date Ever

Last Friday my mom and dad hosted a playdate for some of my dad's friends' kids, and they invited Claire.  I told her Friday morning before school, that I was going to take her to a playdate with Julian and she got SO excited.  She said, "Oh that is good news!  Julian is my best friend."  It was cute, and I was glad I had waited until that morning to tell her, otherwise she would be asking me every 10 minutes up until Friday about her playdate.

When I picked her up that afternoon, she was calling it a date.  It was adorable.  And when they saw each other they embraced for so long.  I could tell they missed each other because they spent the whole time playing.  Julian's little brother Raphael came too, and my friend Dave's baby Akash.  We were trying to figure out a way to make this a regular thing since everyone, even the parents, had such a good time.

We realized it was a ruse to dress the kids up in cute outfits they had bought in Thailand, but I'm okay with that.  Claire wearing an Easter hat is her own personal touch.

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