Monday, May 23, 2016

Superhero Day

Friday was Superhero Day at Claire's school.  You know, as much as she resembles her dad, it's when things like this pop up that remind me she's still my daughter.  I LOVE themes, and tend to go overboard.  Then when Claire had Red Day in February followed by Green Day in March, I realized how much she loved themes too. She is like me guys!

So she's been talking about Superhero Day all week.  She asked if I would buy her a mask from Walgreens (?) but I said no because she has tons of masks and who knows where they are.  I assured her that a superhero dress would be sufficient.  Before we left she made sure she had matching shoes, and grabbed her Spiderman blanket (not pictured) and stuffed Spidey for naptime.  She was so proud of herself.

She seemed concerned about wearing Spiderman for a second when she told me that her friend (and I use that term loosely) Daniel said she needs to wear a fairy dress.  I told her that Daniel was wrong and that she was wearing her Spiderman dress because boys and girls can like Spiderman.  My blood was boiling.  She also told me that Ms. Yasmine said nobody could wear Deadpool because he is not a real superhero.  Whatever that means.

When we got to school, she seemed concerned because Daniel wasn't there yet.  But she walked in and all the teachers surrounded her and marveled (see what I did there?) at her adorable outfit and armful of matching nap gear.  The director was like, "Oh do you have a brother?"  (No wonder Daniel says the shit he says.)  Her teacher beamed and let the director know that Spiderman has always been Claire's thing and that was just that.  I was proud of Ms. Yasmine.  While Claire was taken aback by the attention, I loved all the teachers admiring her, that's what we do.  And then I wonder why she acts so spoiled! 

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