Friday, June 17, 2016

Wet N Wild

I woke up early on Sunday morning and started on the treadmill.  These are the days I wish I would have just gone to the gym because I had DP in my ear asking about what we're doing today, Claire and Gigi fighting over Netflix, and Fiori playing on the floor right next to the treadmill.  Like, I love you guys but this is supposed to be MY time.  Can you people just give me one hour?  No, okay then. 

I came off of my run to the family all having decided on Wet N Wild.  Ah, summer vacation!  We hadn't been since they opened the new one a couple years ago.  It used to be on the strip and I grew up going to it with my cousins when we visited Las Vegas, then as an adult DP and I had season passes until it closed down in 2004.  The kids had never been to a water park ever, so I think the idea of it was more exciting for us grownups. 

We started the day off at McDonald's where Fiori had hotcakes for the first time.  Despite her face, she really liked them.  They definitely needed a hearty breakfast.

OMG it was everything I imagined it would be and more!  We found a sweet spot on a grassy area right in the middle of the park, other people had set up tents and stuff so we decided we'd bring one next time.  It's not like we can really set up there and let the kids head out because two are non-swimmers and one is a baby, so we had to go everywhere with them anyway.  Not like we minded, we took turns going on ALL the slides.  I felt kind of bad for Claire because my little dare-devil wanted to go on all the slides but she was too short.  There was a even a slide in the kid's area that you had to be 42" to ride.  Oh well, she liked the ones she could ride and she LOVED the lazy river.  She had a life vest on and would just float the whole thing.

We had to rotate who got to ride the slides because of height limits and because someone always had to stay with the little girls.  After you could tell they were getting tired, and possibly hungry even though they devoured a large pizza and fries, DP came up with the brilliant idea to drop them off at Nana's house and come back.  So we told them we were going and asked Claire if she wanted to have a bath at Nana's and play with Fiori.  I felt a bit bad about it, mostly because they are going to grow up and read this, but not bad enough to not do it.  So we dropped them off, my mother in law gave them a bath, and we brought Gigi back to the park with us for more 48" and over fun. 

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