Friday, July 22, 2016

Claire Got Her Ears Pierced

Every time DP and Claire are at the outlet mall, he asks her if she would like to get her ears pierced, and she always says, "No thank you."  (I can just picture that.)  He said last time they went, she got up on the chair to have it done and then changed her mind at the last minute.  This time I was there, and when he asked her if she'd get them done, she agreed but he was skeptical.  I wasn't though, I knew she'd do it, I could just tell.  And she did.  My little girl was so brave!  And I'm SO proud of her.

They had two gals do it at the same time which was genius.  Claire teared up after the earrings went in, and of course I did too.  Significantly moreso than her.  There were a couple of ladies who approached me later to ask if she was okay, you could tell they were moms too, they sympathized with me.  Meanwhile Claire got a sucker and then got to pick out a necklace so she was fine.  She picked out one for Gigi and one for Fiori too.

Here she is with the brightest and most glittery earrings she could get. 

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